Sunday, July 24, 2016

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that Moscone did not Hold Office,
for as the Lesbian demised the Entire Event it In Edition changed the State of Stat to Advance what??

That GLBT in the early 1980's at the Heart of the pulse??,
or is that ole gender War that Exists to Cyst.Stir the Beau.Lean to ex^Ploy^duh??

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was the Price Sewn to Gay or Happy??,
did the definition TOK or does the Ave. Chart to A.Blew??

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does the boat to an Oar know Korea on the Shores of what Sofia Wesley did to the Chi.Knees??

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than Weed that to Aye^V and Ven.debt.duh to V.on.Trap that Singing on the Mount.Tin,
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the lei out is such a Flower that daze.see Duke is as evident as the Tie.dull Miss.EAN,
owe yet that rather aft Tier of shades to the Straw.Buried Deuce,
cards on the Treble Cleft to Pea.An.Know!!!

The Fly in the Ointment,
that chest.Nut to scab??

Peel the Ore.Henge and Stone to a Broad,
than Cast the Opera to Symphony.

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nigh the hour to that time tee,
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that have Halt to conversation Simon Says is no game of Chess rook to King Bishops back,
that is merely an end game that I declared check Mate long first to that Maya Angelo,
the entire and furthmore the 1st piece of Poet.Tree??,
now I know that it is the riddle of the cross.word puzzle that makes scrabble Glad.