Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We're Still Hear Rush.Uh Are Hour In The Men.It Man Styles The Truer Creation With Fact Not Friction!!!

Dawn^Key from the Aunk as the Floor^Ryde of the Scene,
speak as the East to North West Shard of Watts,
a bulb to that is the knew.clear.err Weapon,
in that is the inch that measures to the distance of a stars call,
soar across to in.put the responsibility to the ewe.row.pea.Inn as.cent,
that is the bare.whren of the whistle.lean.

Dark that thought to denial should the American wish a place to tone,
bones and skulls core.wrist such a tile,
shale and the ever bing.

Pong is Ping a Game,
these daisy maids of countries marching kill.leans to the doors of the United States,
flags at have the staff to pole,
did the lights fear.sum pockets,
to envelope lies or discussion of those greens,
cache is for the popular to public flounder,
religion is the bean,,
gasoline the tanks that harbor,
Man.a.Kin is being Honest.

At the Sky of look its a big ole bringer of cost to Wall.Street,
the things that Text.Tours put to grant.IT,
most will ignore the factor,
for those that like the true course of Human Nature to dye.know.blow,
the whale in the Sands.

Kinging to a Bishop,
the Catholic Pope is in.a.sent,
exploration you say its just junk,
yet to that is the building of that formal corker,
excuses are the best of hand for the truth will set the form,
to files and the it is more's code to in.duh.pen.dents plate,
move.ease and the work,keen it Sutter,
Lombard the Van Ness Avenue!!

Charts to Maps that have Herd,
revel in the miss,
a piece to choice the fax to touch,
will.coast.sting is the evident planned??,
the Continent Fired,
the hide is the bare.role of a jar at the,
well in every subject you shall find a wheel is as steer.ring,
the people will not sync to fish on this slight,
but what will bee,
the Fox or the Sound that is devisive to what didn't sap to syrup form the trees,
a Forest in the groves of bell.lee or that Earth shades and rave at state!!

Ssh.Raids are the Fluster,
feather on the E!.Gulls to pronounce the Balm with rice & Dice,
butchers bakers and can.dull stick may.currs,
this is the time in the ages of the ka.boom,
did that gear shift to Minor Constelation,
does the Major cry to Orion,
the fall.lean of the Oxygen to dial the dirt to mud as the Face.shill!!

Screamers & Streakers,
pieces of each brain matter to the body dead in lives,
character that has brought to this country a deliver,
the people of the Mumps now can say that the 21st Cent.tour.Read is real.

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