Thursday, July 21, 2016

Why Dew The Mountains Breeze And People Say Good Morning??

Stride with the Ayes to that call upon this story read on that Saudi Arabian,
the horse in that talk,
gallop till the sand is stock,
place that bridle to the lope of a rabbit as the Eastern North.thorn per Hats!!

Drank that bee Con of alter of whats a Conscious or is it Con^Science for the Hand signal,
it is the drink of that Sal.Mon on an intermediate move of Chess.Tour fields bean,
therefor on that stagger streakers and miles of whats a fact,
the stern or the Viking of mysterious read Hare,
is that Swedish to the Meet.Ball of what said Ted Cruz to Frank.Len Rose.A.VELT??,
whats an A.Knack.Crow,Nymh to the Siren,
is it the pheasant or pleasant.trees??

For Score and Bread for jump Ping to down.tea Ab.Be to know the Radio??,
or is the fax that sheds to hidden beneath the beam basing the raft.tour or the sky.line as a foal,
sneaker waves often match a beach to assuming that things happened that didn't,
its the fries or the gill.roy that makes hi.owe.silver the brain on mind to docks,
now what is the fashion of a.dress should the tied become an Oh.Shin??,
a block or a steep??

Shoe this to your Forge and Harness a Rig,
the Declaration of Independence warned US,
of that is once a pause to the out of the closet to conversation??,
nigh the hour to a six.tee men.IT con.verse.say.SHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

File and Port touching down on the Games of Sporting King Rook Pawn Bishop Queen,
now take that board to the Checker Cab,
its a Tax E! for the From on the to??,
or is it in addition??

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