Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Kay^Tea Loves E!^Roll Gray How^Ever This Is Eh Day Which Marks That Scot Paper Towels Bra^Knee Touched With Brawny Still.Ole`d!!!

Du to 'X'^Trireme Fog your Thoughts have been Ground did bye the San Francisco fog Horn,
trumpets symphony Violin,
in comes Viola and lots of Flutes,
the Harp is saying that James Blunt bid to that bet.Tour??,
well in this once a pawn a store.reed its just that hats off??,
nigh the hour of Men.IT clock big bend and New Zealand lei`d the Stock??,
first it was how bad our Country the United States is ludicrous with a little say of hoo is chew.duh,
the eye^um so sorry came the day I waxed,
my car in the drive to plate the ax??,
no it just happened to bee the E! Vent played like Matrix ryde.

Round about is Fountain tied not with Cross-type of whats a Lead,
pat.tent with Dave Dyas trained,
the Armed Forces with a Teach!!

Certain in a^lean a bowl of part people gave these long woks with a side,
in.turn the value measure sounds??,
not that threshold 'cause Scot just did that wringer rinsed it to a kernel of popcorn popped,
it is the path of kettle truth,
22-22nd Avenue Hugh Meakin Stip.,
the phone would dial no thats not this bit,
it was the fact that Eliza flipped on the time it took equipped.

Try explain to how many stairs??,
no for that did not include the hall to the room that bed did set,
less.bow to a Creek its gates all over place the license trace,
first that is done second that is WHAT??,
can that be Rambo raised,
the pause of settled by the wind.

Now the first sentence spring,
Cheshire chose to put to floor,
a T-Shirt only Won would laugh,
Y that would be the shirt I got at a Place from the Swim Fans pass,
it said thats true but I don't like those skirts that make my neck feel trapped,
so in that the fact that I had used a pair of scissors to 'V' Neck strobe,
hence the dew of what is heir to the Dawn.A.Hue with Clear,
now that Cats have said in weird,
would it not be stranger steer,
should the Cats on this lit.tolled plate,
make the real.eyes more's code to Trip a Journal that still makes me laugh!!

Near.row really is such lore,
the how.lean Coyote of Lobos Crows,
birds to Charlie whats a pad,
Mouse and treasure sure its fact,
all on that rat that dove in too,
than up that pipe on hill as spoon to the silver set of rules,
Guy Forkes on November 3rd,
remember remember the ole Goods of tooth,
right and left foot with a spoof,
oddly this odd^eh^see was real peeps,
for the house a cottage flight??,
believe it or knot its Scout from Wares,
now that Bandits maid in lest!!