Friday, August 21, 2015

Circ. Ka Sole Lay

I danced the moon and sun,
the stars shooting the galaxy stall,
I saw to play the waltz of Ra in talent of the planets ba.

Outer days to future scene,
is the ranch a liter lean,
should the speak be easy breeze,
so simply being beneath my knees.

Smile left and great the rite,
to be of breadth in depth of night,
treat imaginations plight,
to the dust of humans light.

From solar plane to global shoes,
legs on stir the feat a prints,
desire grace with waves of lease,
the baritone of drumming teased.

Sheets of bed typed varied desk,
stab the mind with old set chest,
green scale black the rainbow stalk,
for gold in find the empty pots,
is not the coin of starry tights,
inviting to the eyes of mist,
should the strength of great old men,
be the treasure of a send,
encompass hugs as harbored ports,
traveling times to encourage more's,
a way of pass to sparkle love,
all within the ages lugged.

So slowly turn to whom is warmth,
be of bearing compass said,
dialection tremendous ream,
to be that special feeling scene.

Shipping knew to human beings,
carriage of the worlds lair,
wares of ancient caring dreams,
that people met and hugged the bet.

The jazz guitar a trombones bean bar,
the voice of low to tremble far,
that comfort drawn from equal tell,
the mountains of a valleys hell,
for in the tempo of grass And sew,
seeds are century seeds are snow,
gnostic trample the rivers bend,
a flash bulbs bringing a dinners lens.

Blink not the brows as pen to sill,
the valence of a curtains still,
heated from a molten shock,
for even shakers know the lock.

Key to cargo key to kit,
key to cage or key to rook,
key is fit with key on tune,
key be of the keys in bloom.

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