Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Towards the Universe in that love of balance and vast basking details of journey I brilliance the memory to not forge the sake to any tiny symbol but the hours land.  Entirety of travel from born to the lair it has scored touch training of ages in spanned this being of soared to creations lore!!  I could not have slowed this sail through a timing of foundation that hath brought to my stern the enveloping embrace of a solar devised.  Oh for the standard of dimple transmission I choir the vernacular with a ribbon of belts.  Carriage of stars those planets with tell told of a world that ditched to search fell.  Locked in the gravitational bowls the galaxies explained of the centered of rein, a bursting tremble of fire that formed from the burst of energy enjoyed!!

Breadth of showers that have brought to a plenty of ground to land that is the skirt of the grounding I bark to the howl of the moon that treats company with a wing.  Greet this entire I swing on the novel words to shake freezed and hug the beginning of which I am family familiar.  Dusting the bull at the scorpion to guide the fantastic with sipping a list of lanes that have grids to photo the banks with skys plural of reality.

Soaring this shallow of deep delve I scroll to the flounder of shark and octopus reins.  The ink has been the . . . . . . .


Touching treasure of pandora the eclectic with electrical verbs to worth the word is a sentence construction of bring to a tiers liner.  This aspect off the sand is paper rinse to hand asking note to forge the binders in the three ringer call to course.  Shall the beach of driver be of length than what is the width to balm, a creamery of faxed to sing the gulp so song!!

Traveling along the factor of sense to mach the lead a strongs diction has created conversation personal to simple leaf of complexity accent while the tongue hath grasped the tree.  Base of route with porch aprons sting evolution banks the ditch to society forcing bling`d.  Star nights with cosmic ore is not the universe to galaxy or is it the solar disk delivery of beauty just to believe that suns have explosive detail to locale.  These training systems trouble not human partner`d with elbow leeks as the ballast being scorn, rather in comprehension it is the scene of grasp.

Certain pleasures are derived in spinal flew i.d.`s ; the quest.  To put to the platter of print noting the ocean as waving graceful shores it terminals the rocks as station plaster to form a skies appeal telling clouds of the seal.  Burning from no sun is borrow over darkness in core an khan the zebra which is the lane?

Knowing imagine as a corpus criss crossing speaker of the wheels hub, shells talk the crumble revere inch of sludge.  Morse code in rabbit tunk an elephant to clearing soak stood once shrub.  Tall trees match giraffe that graze above the curling plight of lawns that mow and chop off life but gather fertilizer to spark the country loved.

Justly plains on antler reins a skunk to possum bristle: Is then the garbage can a car to raccoons whom visit scarred.  Is the fur coat of the minx a graeae obvious communication ivory bait.  Felt by the green horned phone that branch beneath a thorn, does the thistle magnify ore to durst that noun of vine.

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