Monday, August 17, 2015

Dedicated To L. Ron Hubbard, the MAN 'Cause I State Goodbye To the let Overs!!

The left right correction is not on the turns rather the stops,
in read light green lit that avenue of market borns to shade,
oak treats the teak as the balance of the trunk to Mark the fax of 22. Ten,
be of the verse out Telling chapter of this is a Numbers of johnson.

In soap beet to I sole late shun bring the ladder day rein and corn this a pick,
crop rifle to armory that Well being as the shake is Not the knot of bean,
string along length enough to backwards Pearling an oyster to that pits.

Form of Africa to March the onward dart,
antelope on Alligator fish in the mud and egg crossed leap!!

The plains of Why Om ean to Ion of the arrow,
trade with a Breeze the Winds about the Stereo,
radio with An tin Nigh nor branch of vapor score`d,
monies of the belt maintenance the empty I am uh spare!!

Get the message as the breast of Beast to say the Ounce,
a pitch to 666 is this variable to bank the equals hitch,
shed no tool chore the Reap don't allow the state to bake,
a hip pocket swagger bay`t to Ocean with a Field!!

Ditch to plough the Weeds in ROW dank The Hour glassy,
a poole of Stick the Nine baldwin to Beethoven' Arithmetic,
in the Sheet music bore to makin' lots of Snow dens,
trait that bill to lets say Raid and Air a Saul that Altered.

Grassy Hail the reins in Station a Trainer bisque to Soupy brains,
mix that with the Mind controls too shift into the gear`d,
brave be not perfection Grew to handle all these doors,
now at the Honest of the Harness the road is More of Planned.

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