Sunday, August 9, 2015

Rose A Crew Shun`D

Decimal verses the Magnet to A burr KET at the barrens brought tick Time cycle,
in the Mist of the Frisk inch is the measure as the Ruler dispaired.

Creation got to Evolve and the Man made a Slight of the Night tea`m Cupper,
grant Took a Hookers fee and the Horror grand Piano gave No glade!!

The Air owe Saul shook to be of the Freeze!!

Gorge spoke to Valley the Mountain sye,
in Absolute to Vlad the Spark Horse`d a Shoe to the Backwards Off bridge`d,
teeth gummed an In Vest to Gate And the Toll gathered the Cork,
shrink in the Sign a Wine bottle Message.

On the Papyrus a Number the Palm a Soy,
wafer swallowed Caller and the dialer Called the booze,
drank bye the throttle the Capers of the stone,
lake at a bring to Sword of a stream!!

River ran Over to swim the Said a Key,
locks band To Guess`R but than the Sign In Tall oh Gee`d,
take in the Short and Tale it that Seem.

Nope grey Ankle Aced and the Jack booked a Tool,
belts of the Galaxy shed Serious and its Bill,
speaking the language as Simple to the Chalk lets,
byte in`d brisk Carpe Dee Um and Ur belted felt!!

Heavy branch the Limber a Read would score to Leads,
banter became the Turkey and the Gobbler banked the Stairs,
round to that Ban is Stir is a Done jinn car,
A Tune to Awe Man is the Flood!!

In Time grasp the Elephant the Roar of the Toe,
husk in a Per fume is the evidence of Dusk,
horror Rise Zune the Sun chance`d a beam,
showing that the Cloud should be the Pictures of Esteem.

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