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1.  Under what rules are Pony Club competitions conducted?

2.  To what other rules are contingencies not covered in the Rules for Rallies referred?

3.  What does F. E. I. stand for?

4.  Where is the emphasis in rallies?

5.  What group prepares and supervises the U. S. P. C. Rules for Rallies?

6.  At what levels (other than A, B, C, & D) are rallies held?

7.  Name the five tests scored at a rally.

8.  What are "possible" team totals in each of the five tests of a rally?

9.  How is a member's age established for participation in rallies?

10.  In what areas must eligibility for participation in rallies be certified?

11.  What must you always wear at a mounted rally?

12.  Are shoes required on horses entered in a Rally?

13.  May the team captain be the stable manager?

14.  At regional rallies, whose decision is final?

15.  Who may lodge protests?

16.  How may misbehavior, rudeness, messiness in quarters and tardiness for lights be penalized?

17.  Are dropped nose bands permitted in rally competition?

18.  Are saddle pads permitted at rallies?

19.  What four types of bits are permitted at rallies?

20.  Are martingales permitted in dressage tests?

21.  Are bearing reins and side reins permitted in dressage tests?

22.  Are bandages and boots permitted in dressage tests?

23.  May a whip be carried in dressage tests?

24.  If a rider loses his (her) hard hat during a competition, what must he (she) do?

25.  Does handing his (her) hay to a competitor who has lost it con-
       stitute "unauthorized assistance"?

26.  What is the limit on the height of a horse or pony used in rally competition?

27.  What is the age limit for horses and ponies competing in a rally?

28.  May a horse or pony be ridden by more than on rider in rally competition?

29.  If a competitor is eliminated in one phase of a rally, may he compete in another phase?

30. a.   For which of the following may a competitor be eliminated:
      b.   When ?
      c.   By Whom?

31.  May dressage tests be announced?

32.  What is the penalty for a horse or pony l e a v i n g the arena before completion of a dressage test?

33.  What is the size of the dressage arena?

34.  How many levels of Pony Club dressage tests are there?

35.  How are the first two (lowest) levels of Pony Club dressage tests judged?

36.  The Pony Club "B" dressage test compares with which A. H. S. A. dressage test?

37.  What is the length of the cross-country course in C and highter level rallies?

38.  Obstacles are marked with a red and a white flag.  On which side of the rider should the red flag be as he jumps the obstacle?

39.  If a rider circles to correct an error on the course--in the penalty zone of an obstacle on his course--is he penalized?

40.  What is the maximum height for obstacles in a C level cross-country course?

41.  What is the average speed required in Pony Club cross-country events at the C level:
        a)  Yards per minute ?
        b)  Miles per hour ?

42.  What is the average speed allowed at the B level:
        a)  Yards per minute?
        b)  Miles per hour?

43.  What penalty is incurred for being slower than the minimum time?

44.  What do yellow flags or signs indicate?

45.  How are falls and disobediences outside the penalty zones of a cross-country course penalized?

46.  What is the penalty for fall of horse or rider within a penalty zone?

47.  What is the penalty f o r a second disobedience at the same obstacle cross-country?

48. What is the penalty for knocking down a flag on a cross-country course?

49.  Is helping a rider adjust saddlery or to remount considered "unauthorized assistance"?

50.  What constitutes fall of a horse?

51.  What is the average speed required for B & C competitors for completing a stadium jumping course in an arena?

52.  In stadium jumping, what is the penalty for a knockdown?

53.  In stadium jumping, what is the penalty for:
       a)  The first disobedience?
       b)  Second disobedience on the course?

54.  What is the penalty for a third refusal on the course?

55.  What is the penalty for touching the boundary marking a water jump or placing a foot in the water?

56.  In the jumping test, what is the penalty for knocking down a flag?

57.  In the jumping test, what is the penalty for fall of horse or rider?

58.  What is the relation of the "time limit" to the minimum time?

59.  What is the penalty for exceeding the "time limit"?

60.  What are the penalties for:
       a)  Jumping an obstacle in the wrong order?
       b)  Jumping without protective head gear?

61.  M a y unnecessary roughness in riding a jumping course be penalized?

62.  How many points may be deducted from the stable management "possible" score for carelessness and poor management?

63.  How many points may be deducted for:  a. adirty horse;  b.  improperly fitted tack?

64.  May horses manes and tails be braided?

65.  What is emphasized in the appearance of stall and tack room?

66.  May adults assist in unloading horses and carrying heavy equipment to the tack room?

67.  May an adult assist in setting up a tack room?

68.  Is there any limitation on the possession of medicines?

69.  Is the written test given near the beginning or near the end of a rally?

70.  How many days are usually assigned to a national rally?

71.  How many days are usually assigned to a D rally?

72.  How many members constitute a team at Pony Club rallies?

73.  May the Stable Manager of a team be a grade higher than the riders?

74.  In the event a regular team member is injures and unable to ride, may the Stable Manager, if he is the same Pony Club grade as the injured rider, ride in his place?

75.  What is the official title of judges at United States Pony Club rallies?

76.  Who is in charge of regional rally?

77.  What is the Pony Club Cup?

78.  How many members constitute a mounted games team?

79.  What is the penalty for rough and dangerous riding in mounted games?

80.  Are whips and spurs permitted in mounted games?






Revised 1975



I withheld the answers as the best pass to this information and the learning that a only a professional can provide on the subject can not be found on an Internet site as what I found on the subject matter recorded on my search has changed all the original answers to unfamiliar solutions.  So I again refer to any and all interested parties the wonderful people that have a real gift with horses, Brian and Lisa Sabo whom just happen to have an active Pony Club, lol!!

Misty and Haley!!

Newport Mesa Pony Club

Our  Mission:
The United States Pony Clubs, Inc., develops character,
leadership, confidence and a sense of community in youth
through a program that teaches the care of horses and ponies,
riding and mounted sports.
Our Core Values:
Horsemanship with respect to healthcare, nutrition, stable management, handling and riding a mount safely, correctly and with confidence
Organized teamwork including cooperation, communication, responsibility, leadership,
mentoring, teaching and fostering a supportive yet competitive environment
Respect for the horse and self through horsemanship; for land through land conservation; and for others through service and teamwork
Service by providing an opportunity for members, parents, and others to support the Pony Club program
locally, regionally and nationally through volunteerism
Education at an individual pace to achieve personal goals and expand knowledge through teaching others
United States Pony Club Press Release about Newport Mesa Pony Club
Web site:

Newport Mesa Pony Club is a friendly fun place for kids, teens and young adults to learn about horses and horseback riding.  We train out of the Orange County Fairground Equestrian Center, 905 Arlington Ave., Costa Mesa, Ca. 92626.  Our mounted lessons are on Mondays and horsemanship classes on the weekends.

Location: Orange County Fairgrounds Equestrian Center, 905 Arlington Ave., Costa Mesa, Ca. 92626.  Gate 9, pull up to gate and it will open.  Park on right.  Walk to Barn J and K.
For Information Call: Lisa Sabo 949-244-8615 

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