Wednesday, February 24, 2016

AM^Way Ray^Dee^OH!!!

Eh March Chin band Rome,
a Pope in that Catholic speak Hints bone,
first on the Raft tore,
sec. Hum clock,
third is the Eye,
don't know that rock.

Brass for the Trumpets,
Flutes on the Reads,
beat with a Call Ledge,
The Blue Book Kin Cleats.

Bell bee Bop,
heave the Hee bee,
Jeeves is a Cliff Note,
snot is a blotch.

Wipe a Way the Tiers,
stacked Lye buries,
chap Tour of the Page,
Joker on the Phrased!!

Sticks & stones Will brake Yore Bones??,
watts will Sure Loc. Sam Mon and Crones,
lick the stamp,
sum kind of trouble,
what is a Bed lamb,
its James Blunt Sing^Gen a Hymn^Mean Way Terrace for the bird in the hand.

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