Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hear The Question And Yet Know This Country America Present?? A Counted For Answer Is When Did Africans Get To Soviet Union??

A Black family from Adzyubzha. Photo from the book Kovalevsky P.I. "Kavkaz (Caucasus). Volume I. The peoples of the Caucasus ", St. Petersburg. 1914.

Define the following,
What is a Tribe??,
now, do you or are you aware of a Continent named Africa??.

Now that we the peep pole have established land mass,
the ground upon where the Tribal review,
each Peoples had a Try Bull Name Say,
where is that blood Vein??,
is the base of the said in this gentle understanding,
colors of the Rainbow??,
or rein bare Ole??.

To that simplified question,
ask yourself which or what is the Oldest Mass of Known Territory on Earth in Recorded History,
Mankind or Animal,
the bread of the rice or Nan of the seed in Sourdough,
is this Helpful??.

When Kneeing is making Americans grate A gain,
in or with this not complex notion,
is the pulse on the Pump or sump of Ur,
is the zodiac a star constellations grasp as the Tribe is of the ancient regularity of path,
trails of mountains Caucasus is a locale,
the pictures of a thou sand grains,
salts to thirst,
water to sea.

Bay lagoon with boats and canoe??,
trees Redwoods oath Eucalyptus??,
wind break or field,
house or castle,
mansion or hut,
t-pee or challenge,
indigenous or traveling,
how did the establishment move when the standing population announced their tribal crown kneeing??,
did the offer come with give it Up,
evacuate or suck??,
bough of trace,
move ease or run??,
this nation has not been in the World of Mineral liquids of Oceans.

Taste this warn kneeing,
difficult to speak,
race is an Is Um,
yet that belch is the throat of the burbling crow??,
the fire camp side to that Indian sum??,
the stretch of skin to lamp hide and yet still see the value measure or in joy the scamper as pane??,
pull chains to common electrical switch,
how does the heirs to Africa's sole stride to a country to counter their prose on doing what did dun??,
is the loss a strain of the drain Kneeing??,
or angry Africanians that have spent that past Fifty Years fighting on their own pleats??,
be wise to the twist of a language on the tongue of mend did,
as quick as it Quirks it more Quickly skills death to those that scene familiar the Ivory Coast with the Elephants slide.

Global Warming??,
this World on Sound,
is a Viking the Oarsman or shouting this Name Odin as the fog grows to salt,
what is an Earth Quake with S added Blew??,
is is the comprehension of a Tribe bowl on the Mixture of Texmex or Chow Wing to dog paddle the sack??,
a unbelievable Style of Pete and Re-Peat is the shake and the seek??,
be whom to blue jay as the shoulder spoke,
wheels in the sky and the feet to be shore,
high above the waving roar are the lives of spoken to the Tribe Ole scored.