Friday, February 5, 2016

What Is A Ka^Tune??

Every stitch matters to the Threads of gun^knee sacks at the Fax of Fact tier read,
each Mill will near the Time of what is a Salt,
grain of dust on the shelf to that discussion of $ pound signs to stamp Ping the actual reality of a Pencil.

Should the Term of station Identification thorough the Price per Candidate on cost What is that label on Wore??,
is the stagger of Cent tents the Pear a graph hick Up on the Grids??,
is the Mess Hall owe Colt to the logic of Email on the face of Pearls and showed??,
should the clam on the base of the Oyster move to grasp a Wall Streets derivative??,
for unlike the History of right and left trace breath on the foggy mist of chilly takes it is the dew of Tomorrow yesterdays Crews??,
for the Weather tradition of Just love is these Tack experience with Guess . . . . .

what is the Wave on a levi Strauss to the sit Tea of per Form,
a standard of Hoe tell to describe the bank on that fast stir still of Halt tours??.

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