Sunday, May 22, 2016

More Lead Safe Ford Makes A Plate With A License To Serving Matters And As My Raise Was Back In The Day The Decade Be Of Ready Deed To The Year 1965 And All That Bammed!!!

Such a wonderful summer deriving that breadth to the seat of Outdoor scene,
a lovely picnic on the beach,
shore to enjoy the sunshine and an ocean's roar,
looking forward to these days of cause bringing envelope to digging my toes in the sand.

Nero will do the fun on the clear,
sailing across to conversation with birds,
loving the fact that his patience is hymn,
ad a bit of lyrics as the found is on a band.

Instrumental to the opera of the horse,
harnessed up that late news on the Preakness with a dip,
horses at the age of hearth detail,
named a get to say the life is be as the Wind on the days that the Great Salty Brine speaks,
luxury of simplicity the surfers on their wave,
I look towards those plays that dolphins land,
for just on the pass shoe years of streaming time to hand,
the brakes brought added editionals to article my prose.

Now on this World that skills for only Channel.lean,
I choose to be of the Nature that does not to enter Fram,
in length of experience on the foots deal with what has boomed,
this season in the sun will prove to be a cosmos too!!!

The car show touching Mechanics understanding as comprehension engine,
good stock to undergear shifting with a spin,
set_at_zero my tag name lingo off the sleeve,
no longer labeled from the People for dial or design of play doe's spend.

Philosophy a Canyon off the Mountain upside down,
feathers of that river to the clouds in sky of brought,
each storm that sings to show.when this planet justs a sleep,
it will prove to ole main sip that Odin is a stun!!

The Viking did the Shipping New to every Continent,
land and sea the echo be of location on a lived??,
cause Vikings are now Folklore Mythology at less,
and Egyptians are the broken rocks that Saudi's us to bend their Word beat to you're be cleat the footwork of a spanned,
yet as the Sphinx would state to Knows a facial is the oop's,
nigh the hour of spinal sip computation bread and fished!!!

Marijuana on the pot for society and ever lapped,
schedule call lure's for the sheep Ba Ba breast of Turk in Puppets on that seeping butters miled,
inch by thread to zigzag Goods rolling joints just like a pud,
jello wriggles and that just blunt,
pigeon hold and cricket paved.
for on the British Public School not many know the private spool,
it is all what will not do for people look and mirror the Tool of staff in Anchor and land on Panned.

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