Monday, May 23, 2016

The one I saw was lighter colored with a black tail and quite large.

The time is 12:50 AM on 5/23/2016,
Cheshire was a bit dashed as his chords were bunching,
to believe that he was startling for the Possum or our local Raccoon I said to him,
'what is it'
in his cat fashion of appropriate address he simply looked completely freaked-out,
so I told him to not panic as I said let me shed some light so you can see properly,
as it is very dark at this hour here on the West Coast in Tiburon California!!

I than peaked around the corner to supply Cheshire with the courage of a lions sure lurking,
as that is how he was filing situation important to pampas in the loud of I was still very close,
as Cheshire being the brave and there's the front door,
he and Nero are extremely wisdom lead!!

Back on the story tier,
I saw the above lovely yet retrieving animal,
it was huge and most obviously on a sneaky hunt of tracking Cheshire,
the trail hot and as the incredible cat hacked away I was stunningly impressed,
by his capture of great paws!!

The only description I was able to bring to google was the color 'buckskin' for desript.shin,
as that only brought up horses I laughed and carried on with my search,
eventually knowing that it was Not a bobcat I finally found this wonderfully handy photo,
for the prose of the purpose on this is as simple as the fact that I compliment the shore,
on the other bar to let whomever has such a formidable animal he is a bit prowess,
as cats will be cats I just thought I would let you know that there are coyotes and foxes,
in this area at this time of year the cats make for yummy dishes and usually easy catches.

I was bringing Cheshire in for the night,
he is always difficult so I stayed up waiting for his avid return,
however this evening with his new friend on his heels I thought to myself,
sometimes people move to a country setting,
the great outdoors,
the fresh air,
and on those challenges are also the lack of local informationals,
saying that loosing an animal to the wilds of just wilds does happen.

I grew up in San Francisco,
many a raccoon taught my Dogs lessons,
so as I have a local friendly raccoon and another very intimidating raccoon whom reside on the hill,
now by friendly I mean to say does not chase me,
that being understood be wiser than what happens when these lessons teach you of what run is.

the possum and the skunk have never chased me,
however the very large Bucks during the summer seasons are a bit serious about those oak leaves,
he has caught me going to the garbage can in the Middle of the Day,
he stood on the Very Narrow pathway and rose his head in hello display,
I said in audible voice,
I guess I'll wait.

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