Monday, May 30, 2016

Whats In A Tie^Toll Any Give^Ven. Sat^tour^Day Any Way?? Or Is It The Flag And Those Eagles Eyes For The Unknown Living A Life That Sees???

Now for greater clarity of the solve vent to those Women at Golden Gate Stables back in the day,
the racetrack adjacent to that directly provided a place to ride,
joggers were not as prevalent and obnoxious as sneakers of this time in the ages,
so for the bearing of that day in my youth.

I was cooling Dare Me Devil an ex-racehorse after my elder sister Tamara had ridden,
at this point of return the cyst.tour had a bit more reality to her bean,
that being said I only provide porridge for her gruel,
the bell of that is the story in and of the remainder of math to have been on that plate.

The horse I was riding had been renamed by that cyst.tour,
meaning of that was Yahoo for defining a be.kin today,
memory serving to this Tier is the facts,
a racehorse on the dirt tracks of this United States of America until retirement at Seven Years of age,
to that was the sales barn,
than the clock be gain to the fathom of what is still a glass of Tink,
for that have this as a Flashback for a Horse the Jockey the Wait and a glued Cost of priced to Bridge the Vat of Time Its.Self!!!

So as I was walking atop my sisters horse on the track at the age of around Seven or thereabouts,
the serious nature was I,
for in that day or air.raw the throw up on the horse bothered no sisters saddle of reality,
just do it,
a true motto of swoosh,
the basic understanding of knowing that in my family the word 'no' was not an option.

That being done through thorough beatings,
school of hard knocks,
Frank McCoppin and an Office,
the Principle a Fare,
to my life the times multiplied expediently early on requiring nothing but what,
ability to remain silent??
at least offer the unsuspecting stupid idiot on the track an out??,
that being said today as back in the day I thought it wise.

Now as that Bitch of that Fucking Golden Gate Park Stable Ensemble rode on to the track,
there is the View,
plain as day,
a little bit of me on a 16.3 Hand Thoroughbred that everybody knew for the horse capacity of said stable,

That being comprehended as under a number of four rib stalls with a short fixer upper under the stands,
those riders or blank its were very aware of the half dozen people at the arena at any time during the day,
ask yourself under those conditions would you as an adult begin galloping your own horse,
would you just do it??,
for that is what that fucking bitch did.

I saw at the distance before the take-off of Dare Me Devil,
collecting my reins shorter and shorter as his speed began to met an old memory of truly fast,
the first lap was in dignity of obviously out of my control and the horse with his eye on the ball,
and yet,
no ball, no finish line, so I took to the saddles rythmn and new to say as I passed this bitch,
"Could you please stop your horse so I can stop mine??",
in great pause and not screaming.

With that look I will never forget,
that fucking cunt said no.

At that pass Dare Me Devil found a new ration of glee,
the Whiz would be a finding of my eyes filling with the Wind and tiers of no tears,
just the reaction to the creation on no-longer breezing,
at that the wonder of the horse the best of show,
I caught the feel on the turn,
he looked to The Paddocks,
I knew immediately the Docked Tale,
turns on the burn,knee,
for that gravel and the best fall I would design,
tuck and roll.

It worked.

And thats it,
the bottom line.

No matter what until life changes and shows me personally that people actually listen,
not help,
just take note to listening first.

For the energy on that ride could have turned out differently but it didn't,
and yet I have not been as blatant as I have been on this first respond.dure Now,
so be of Frank for the bleach of Women is the catch of a language??,
its the honest fact that kids get goated until the bark becomes bigger than the byte.

Comprehend the Pretense of before the Open/Closed of blank,
where is a sound meant to speak should the pause be of blank,
than what,
take the garbage out??,
you're not good enough??,
all you do is disappoint??,
what is the scale of shift on that gear of life on the dimes??,
a slot??

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