Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Whats A Will While Life Exists With A Living Trust!!!!!!!!!

To be very clear with a living Trust,
the picture the Department at the time of the write to the facts,
there is a Man that holds the shore to my writes on The Secret of the Universe is Choice; Know Decision,
my blog on google and The Goods to the findings.

As this World loves to busy their lives with what is not their Business,
I am grateful for the recent retirement as the knowing of time on experience to The Force,
may the World divide and math my station to this clarity,
an Officer is the Office of Oath not the calendar of class to an Opera of position.

Be tribe to what is my life and than know that more is not code rather the Morely Safer breakfast,
to lets.see on the once a short chute of fluming Volcanic in its hands a trot,
posting in exact on the Sir by spelling Sir Vail Lents it is the Won.dure Bread of dough,
to just be on the note of where is the money on a bell lo's mile is to no discussion.

For Chief Gregg Suhr by decision to the Officer and his horse are of the girth to Titan the Cinch,
do not be confused,
the impeccable foundation of the founding of Fountain to the recent ripple,
no people are participant to anything that consists their life or lives to anything in my owner.ship,
get that to your handle on the Law and bravo this Post to nothing stirred,
there is no change in the City of San Francisco that would measure this rule of done to said.

So as the Orient is of comprehension and life is on the Certificate of Experience,
I put to license the above Man to the find that the Mile Marker is as Frank as the Cable Car is Bell to commerce,
for the song on this minor symphony does not gravel to the pebble of elections electorals of acting,
I know of the shirts that saved my youth from the 1960's into the 1970's and gave Waltz,
the dance Sing is vocals,
therefore to again be Clear with any Faction of frackers,
the above photograph is an Officer at the San Francisco Mounted Unit,
he is also a private citizen of these United States,
the precedence of decision goes to no lean,
the perfection goes to the privacy of my tell,
a seat is as the first rib Pop`d,
a pair rent is the in office at time of cause to effect of write,
to left it travels with the knowledge of the photograph to what is understood form the known,
years on the trial to the knowing of the stride,
from top gear to top gun these writes are for the foundation to not Museum rather live,
with pride and dignity and as an honor of duty to what I provide is no faith to knowing the return,
for it is those City Hall Trials,
the streets on the Beat,
the Keys to Wares,
the personal context to why do it for the career??
because a person might just be in a particular position and it may just comfort another person that kneads,
be fact for it is the Photograph that Rules decide too,
now say San Francisco Boudin,
10th & Clement,
the seat.did that a singular donut shop made my life a talk.key in the decade of a lead.

Its like this Private or Tied,
what was is and what is was,
there is no role.over to Spreckles Lake,
Stow Lake through History for the walk is still Stow Lake for the Course,
be not confusion to the chaos of lathe in the variable,
my decide goes with the Man in the photograph,
the challenge is there is not challenge for that Man is a private citizen,
he is not owned by anyone,
he is in a job that can discard his investment as easily as Chief Suhr was retired,
as the pasture is still of great value to the authority of composure to the lessons,
I provide only the absolute of now the Man in the Picture can have truth guide on my constant bellowing of Certification.

For that I am in the stand of only weight to the time that recognition becomes interest,
as that is of the Teak and on the Put,
than possibly James Hillier Blount will finally be held to task for a questionable blot,
possibly all the idea's that I put to this booking will be able to be managed and not just taken by the Blunts of this World,
quite possible the fact of grace to my situation will find that my worry for Officers in no job will be balanced with a saved,
something to do!!!!!!!!

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