Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ease.E! Street Wall Street And The Ring.EAN Bell Is So Lathe At Eh Shingles Byte!!

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the movie to the films what is left on the feat tsk,
that edit floor.ride touch.chin the writers chair at core.wrist,
how is the Y a the Sign of Sing.Sing,
a lyrics for the Blunt as James is its play.Tow!!

Gosh the darn of Threads and Yarn,
stitch to the fabric and bye word of mouth??,
the language of a Thou.Sand lives once the Shore??,
owe flavor the brine of salts!!

Spice.See that with James Aitch Blunt,
a bit of flust.stirred for the whirl.Earl.ole.duh Tour??,
come on down to the plates of formula,
energy and raise.Sirs to in.form the neigh.shins bored??,
nigh the hour to the Men.It tree of what is a Barn,
the Stable that did Teach to Me the value of the door,
a fountain and that no said thirst my pony Freckles calm.


Now the club of society on Catholics and their Pope of eating flesh and pact,
gather the collection shire to shirt the robes of pyre,
then on that cyst.stein chap.pole don't flag the church in choas,
for on the pew of skunk and scat the aisle is its pass!!

Wok.Keen with all your heads to Hand,
that oh.pen mouths with chin tilt sung,
now as you bow your head at slight did digestion bell.lee wipe??,
was that toy.let on the flush a score of lists that add to scene??

Fore Musk the Owe You're Beautiful,
sew Nice to Sweet the Bucket text to say that France kissed Death??,
why is the world on denial as the people feather flyer's??

The brochure to the U.S. National Media feeds the big ole Breast,
turkey an thanks give.EAN at cost the in.err.gee pumps to their pocket salary,
round the pen to type the set at debt of ole year to come to close,
that sing along on 12/31 the Year of debt in bag.

Not this File.lean for the U.S.A. as this is letter Read,
A for Y at X why Z to Spell the E!.Trades sound,
vocal lean.go that rise of bread to egg and flowers ankles sled,
the twilight of a Nations lye to be alive with theater at the vocation of silence.