Friday, July 8, 2016

Hoarses Knock.Keen Can.In Beau.Owns So Early That Sport.Horse A.Mare.Ick.Ka Had Eh Term.In.Knoll.Lo.Gee At The Tack Shop Called White Horse??

What is a thirty-year jump should the study haul gone to the Horses through a study of the bra,
is it the wench from a crane on the egg at the breast,
should that halter of the lead line verse to a tack,
is the bridle on the Mare or is the Boom on the full/?

Inch that measure of rule to the gag ordering shutter,
is the blanket smoke for the Indian drum Means??

Does it counter to The Numbers of golf course on Polo for the turf,
did the rein behave or is it pronounced bee have??

Do the Hives have Honey to drink or gold to Bleed at the shift of what is a Mouse on Hugh Meakin??,
for that is the Kitchen at 22 - 22nd Avenue and 2222 Broadway,
from the classroom to the grade,
is a playground the circle on the Monkey Bars or the Balance Beam,
gem nasty of gymnastics routes a world on read oh??

Forest of Tal-y-tara Tack & Tweed,
the Montara Mountain and the Trail lures a thought of an Island,
clearly these fractures have done Discovery Channel in horror moans.

Frame the Construction to this simple Lilo for that weird scene in the cross-ties,
should a person breed,
and the foal hits the ground and you girth the complete bare.role at that gear,
the duck toe horse of your memory,
a station of the big bog a loo is the saddle of hare.mays at those paddocks steel,
the gate to the pathways brain and the grid for a noisy bounce,
even When.Sole or Win.Sole or Wensol or Ven.Sole,
that General would lens.RIT.tour off the Stallion on the Warmblood for a loot.

Than on the sandy dunes of Poet at the Arena and my thigh,
those jackets left on the fence line for he did spook and yet it was the pasture I said to you,
he is not right for his canter is coming apart,
the fee.old!!!!