Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Know Tour Bus Is The Notorious Bound To Stare.Role The Ripple Off Sea Cliff 'Cause My Mother New???

Aye was Told this Pass day that American has not lost Integrity,
eyes telling in exact that The U.S.A. has no Integrity,
how is the trail of such a World laudable to be in discussion on land??,
is it the bare.Ring of drag a Cross of the bloody Goods??,
is it the slamming of Card Trump to the fashion of the Republican Party??,
sew sew ole play plate for the Party shall need to change It is name.

The Politcal Forum of Elevator to escalator will need that James Blunt laundry room experience??,
is it that bozo of clown the example of climb in the dryer at the washing clothes Line??,
this being that Said be stock which by Bloody Good old Boy a Tank??

Travel this Journal to the In jury??,

The Dresser at the Hat Box,
the bow of Tucks see Dough,
skittles verse.sing Eminem is the 20/20 of An.dure.Syn Coo.Per!!??^*ect. Times Lathe??

The Trades of the Level.Lean??,
basket by the bridle on the floor dropped next to Shades??,
the brush at the Paints price to Fixture of the flop??

Which is the Jello??,
the Pickle of Joy.Lee??,
is it Mass.stir.bay.Shin Mat.A.Door??,
or should that ride in a simplicity just say Cavallo Point.

Mark 5 Twenty:2 sheds a glimpse to the Chapter book.Keen to bisque and brain,
the scanner at the printing of My Mechanic which by the way has Plaque.curds??,
is the curtled Milk on refusal of soar the explanation of not American??,
is the return to Indie and Indian or the Indigenous Knot of speed on the Water??,
therefore Neigh.Owe.Mi gave rise to the angle??,
or extreme quick to the Feat of foot Wares and shored??

Heavy are the Loads on Shoulders of Taught.See,
that fact of the Fax to the whir reed of a flute playing Pan to whistle the Crew,
a drive down the driveway to elbow in core,
the rest is the story of the Whales in the Treasure of the Golden Gate Bridge knowing The Spinnaker!!!

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