Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Owl.Len Turin On The Once A Pawn The Store.Reed Off The Flute Is Just Champagne For The Broke.Kin Glass Or The Fact That I Will Merry Ewe Till Death Due US Part???


Death is a Swamp Cooler in the EU on the Cheek.Key Ring??,
a Circus on Retirement is the Entry of Further to the U.S.A.,
as that is the Continue on the Release of See Deed!!!

What is this Country on the Limb,
a branch of Media that is a Lying buy that Pane from National Found.Day.Shin,
to that it is the For Ward that supports CBS, NBC and CNN??,
or is the MSNBC on The New York Tunes??

Twine and Bale.Lean to The Pope Francis in Our Congress As a Speaker of the House??,
or is it the Tower of Babble at the Great Falls of Made America grate Again??,
what is a Cup of Wine on the Tea??,
kettles on the Stream of a River Denial off The Nigh.Ole.

Bankers and Quick.Sand,
the Land of Goods & Plenty,
jack paper drag.Inn to that is the Sip,
or is it Paul Ryan on the Frolic of a Fuddle at the Violin as The Rome Mist.Stir Sanders??

Does any stand for the Flag,
is that barstool the Napkin of a Towel,
which is the Craft and stink is the Sherry of Star Span.Gulled Banner,
stripes and blanks to Full brim Tee petals on a Gas.oh.Lean??

Big Mistake to have Courted the Catholic Church for a Steep,
the Mountain said to The Hill that a wronged the Measure of California on Rule,
for our Governor is night the Lieutenant of Grand Canyons on the Hoover,
built to strength not in numbers rather define.

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