Saturday, July 2, 2016

Port Of Giza To What In Mile Of IM.A.Grate.Shin Or The Ha.Why.E! Of James Blunt In Florida Singing A Swamp Cooler Like The Saw.Dust Had A Stay^Bull Of Trumpets Gone Crab???

Sauce a lead Tow on the Ferry to that bar but Cue is Indicative of the Cycling on a European Tour.ring,
the round a bout to this is the System of Riding as the Buttress that brings the Port.chew.Geese,
that Blake Station as the Clam,
the grit and thus sand to an Arena of both exposed and in that Undercover for the Grounds of Fortress!!

Set told The Azores ( the Year of ate Tee`N`too,
Seven^dee^ate on the Original course has done to that Chime a signal be Tunk,
the card carrying Fleece to a Sheep in the Flock is as easy speak Maid it the Hoe.Tell on a sump!!!

Disc.Kiss to cheek.Key floor.A.duh bounce,
James C. Wofford to Lilo this is the Drum,
dressage on the travel is the a Tack in a Stall,
cross-tied from stake darn the threads and the Bank!!

As that is of Interest to Fore the big Bloom,
Alex Trebek and the Copper Top lung,
to just say that Martha was known to a per Sun,
the days on the leadership had a stomach that tongue.

Breast of the Turn.key was not a Stallion nor Chair,
on filed Lops.Side.did and the In.Fanta.Side did Darn,
put the plate to that barn with those turnouts,
welded by such steel that the stable made clocks!!!

The Miniature Horse a Huge deep be Said,
now no the obvious and be Lake to that laid,
should shoes go to Golden Gate Mounted Unit today,
the Officer and Information would forge as The View??

The discussion barfed Mic.Coal and that lept.PRE.Con,
the Hay Barn to My Mother with the James Brady be Fare??,
these dg to Finals on the Bridge in my fine,
drawing not etch a sketch rather the paint.Teen be brawn!!!

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