Monday, July 4, 2016

The Critique: Not To Confusion Often A Boutique In The Pasture Taught Only By A Steer???

The truth in a scene is the ability to derive a status of the relate,
should that just show a stout as the drift than that is the speak of silents,
in the basic of back touching that Chin,
it is the strife of only the Exit that brought bingo to be aye in gee owe!!,
thus the core wright was to be of certificate to accepting the shoulder that turned and left.

This be the experience of a Flag Ship to a pole of Have Staffed,
in yet upon that is the broad that does know of bet to knowing of the Roads,
the Map to Chart a Napoleon was the obvious of that Speak to Speech it No-Term,
just that Judge that slammed the Hammer on my Neigh.Ole in addition to the Accent to the passed.

Difficult stream to have Damned with a Shift,
the eight hour three-day of English language on the Ladder Day Rein,
breast of Turkey to that Popular Nose,
shaving for the Armpit to advance the shine Off any that Stopped to Advent a News!!

Edge of shrubbery to the Hedge Funned Feat that brought Envelope to sealed Stamped and a.proved,
this was the bean of no magic that makes magic just fruit.

The over.the shoulder bolder Hold dure,
onward forward goes my march,
on foot to the elbow and the Feat to the eyes straight a head,
thereby I will not spark a trail of shredding by ways of Blue Chips,
the book of importance as My Big Brother Ed and I learned a lesson on that stink band,
back at 815 a cuz syn to the 811 on the Plum Tree and the branch is just been.

Oh How depth the Well.Lures are to Quick Smack a Step,
ripping apart the construction to just be on the char of Cinders be cold.
freeze on that fertilizer that sprays from a sky told,
to that is the topless deep that phone ringing to walking a sole.

My simple complex it Tea gives only circle to a fleecing,
sweat on the stoop to pi that all adds to a lot on the Petrini's that Butcher bee Bach,
no persons listened to the Venue of Jim Jones and the Post stole to Guyana til it was To Late,
the City of San Francisco sent a Plain to all the support that Rammed the big bane,
first it was an aggrieve for the Law on a Hose and Hostel at bed And breakfast,
the City had One Room Bedroom another words Air be and Bee,

now popular to shrink fit!!!

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