Friday, July 1, 2016

This Property Knows Ownership In A World Full Of Stance!!!

Yea Fair Season on that Petaluma Story,
found a guy out of gas and Wiped off the start for A Gallon of Stride??,
the opera to the symphony on a trip,
that I-5 Seattle steep,
those miles on the land.

Met a Stitch on the side of a Hi.Way five car parks from an Exit,
the freezing weather I was prepared for Nero and I had a Trunk full of Goods,
so when my car ran on fumes and eventual stall,
I bundled up with my Miniature Pincher and slept well off the busy free.way of up round Oregon,
thereabouts the Stoop that gave Pause,
not a person stopped to give stream,
so I knew!!!

The Morning Rose,
a gentle knock on my car window,
that surprise was as pale as a white out,
the stars and that sky of did nearly fell from the flight of his very own scoot,
but that was the deal on the cope of no cell phone and a World full of don't cares,
in any event preparation for such mileage comes from a life full of riding,
saddle and bridle,
girth and bits,
grumpy sheep??,
the herd on that I-5 just drove on Maps Hell,
however that trooper of a seal did not sale,
calling the AAA to do the press??,
turned out that it was colder than spice,
like a time that my careful ready for road and unknown with reality had been slough,
for the armpit of an ex-husband had cancelled my AAA Card long ago,
leaving my two eldest and I over on that Interchange in the Valley slow,
that was a while a spew or skew,
on that being done I"ll never forget the same grand on that Seattle turn Stead,
for as the shell dunked the sand the perk dough.nut was the cough.Fee??,

Challenge that while just last night the Diesel on 101,
a hand to be a friend with a distant that would make San Jose choke,
why lie with a known on a sigh.coal,
the fact is the truth,
the shelf is an understanding the bike,
dirtroads heavy tread and a trip to Fort whatever at the Stacks??,
the bird sanctuary that is now translation of The Horse,
these harness no laundry as that gate of a lock??,
wow what is a grown??,
the toll gate at the museum nest to the YMCA at the Presidio or the Beach is root??

Whales of a Talk rising Converstation,
what is fear in the order of chaos of the entire World on denial of a history gone smack,
the lit chimney in Poland with knot.see of a trace to comprehend Odin or Zeus on now,
punch the Clock??,
wise is the formula Ice Cream to every location on calendar of a Tunnel to smile the cinch!!!

Forever and A Day,
the product revolution of which is Family personnel to my older brother,
my big brother Ed has more brass on his ankle than Steeples would be able to knarl,
swig strip tease from the Glenn to the Clay of dg on In.knee Give In Day??,
a car park to a Surfer doing the wetsuit in front of my brawn,
that word of how that surfer would be flying later yesterday,
sounded like John Travolta in an Interview on television Live.

Strange Happenings to the Speedometer Trail of just bare.lee on the spoke,
as like the Owe.Dom.In.Ate.Tour can't Figure??,
a.lo.Haw surf.fir dude,
that Providence did not bounce your Long Bored,
leading with a define,
traveling The World and his Mother at age 101,
these are the fractions??,
its the Fact that while some Follow others decide,
there is no secret that said action is act.shin to act.tores,
just the Screen Guild on the SAG??,
or is those Oscars with the chorus of Host on brake??,
don't real.eyes that the Tunes we're Wily Coyote with a better stay,
for those SAT Tunes are just chatter,
in comparison the nigh.key is as easily known as the answer,
under armour and those Warriors gave choice to a dimple,
Coach Kerr??

Don't really know 'cause I'm just me on the balls,
got that reason for the deeds,
as that was the caller last night,
feeling in my stride that a guise is the honk on a horn of a tack with the West.turn Style of wrap,
a dial of that key.key with truth,
Jimmy Wofford on 'grid work' Bruce Davidson for the Olympic reach,
Brian say Beau as that was Boris Godunov Norther Dancer's Colt from U.C.,
truer to Poet at Davis with Rickets as that is how I see the compilation of everybodies else,
Pt. Bladder with the Leeks and the Dye.pers to what is Dep.,
that check on a tank to just know that ties have valleys now,
those Mountains once Known,
the bridge to the dill.lee dall.lee,
wherever that ticket to say what??,
got yourself a big bad dirt on the floor that brag of the core,
now its the factor on an incredible Sigh Mon. Cow 'L' to downtown to say the Richmond District is bad,
singing The Blues like dg was the Coach of The News!!!

Shores and Slate,
cheese and Wine for that date of Figurines,
thresholds of blocks to big that bigger badder gratch,
no that door just was like the Hammer on the neigh.ole didn't even got a dad,
further on that miami mimic was the ringer,
got duh go smiles and the Goose to that ear of corn for your memory is only chess,
for the reality of a whistle is not the Flag,
its the reality of have staff,
that is the digs,
the verbiage from the decade of The Haight,
the swap is to know it is 2016 on Technology and thanks to the trooper in another state I got it,
make level the dollar to the grateful kid that said to Grandmother drive,
a cup.pull of coins and that would be the creek to a river on a mile closer to home,
every detail every meant is to charge understanding with this,
there is an order to things,
just watch the stars as the twilight zone and its as evident as the Sun with a shadowing Moon to describe a word in this crew,
somedays its different??,
no its just the objection of the Ink Kin swallowing the Aztec to say the Egyptian never Penciled Inn??,
well really it was more the chisel to know that pyramids have a reason to still be standing,
that is the fact that life is not all to be known as a .........

figure it out for yourselves.

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