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It is important to know that "The impossible is the possible waiting to happen!!" is a quote that I, Karen Anastasia wrote for reason!! It allowed me the time to understand myself before the news made it real??

I am putting to my google blog 'The Secret of the Universe is Choice!' the following post as I would like there to be simplicity in this matter as many seem to be confused about something.

First test under the age of 8 properly tested and recorded for my Intelligent Quotient was done by Dr. Louis Vuksinick, MD - Psychiatrist in San Francisco, CA.  It was thus recorded in my official medical records which was kept quiet as I tested genius.  I am refraining from giving the public my  score for purpose and privacy as any quick study will provide to you that the process of advancement  is based on age environment, and so on.


nounplural geniuses for 2, 3, 8, genii 
 [jee-nee-ahy] (Show IPA),for 6, 7, 9, 10.

an exceptional natural capacity of intellect, especially as shown increative and original work in science, art, music, etc.:
the genius of Mozart.
Synonyms: intelligenceingenuitywitbrains.
a person having such capacity.
a person having an extraordinarily high intelligence rating on apsychological test, as an IQ above 140.
Synonyms: mental giantmasterexpertwhizbrainbrainiac.
natural ability or capacity; strong inclination:
a special genius for leadership.
distinctive character or spirit, as of a nation, period, or language.
the guardian spirit of a place, institution, etc.
either of two mutually opposed spirits, one good and the other evil,supposed to attend a person throughout life.
Origin of genius
1350-1400; Middle English Latin: tutelary deity or genius of a person; cf.genus
Can be confused
genius, genus.

genius loci

[gen-i-oo s loh-kee; English jee-nee-uh s loh-sahy, -kahy] 

the guardian spirit of a place.
the distinctive character or atmosphere of a place with reference to theimpression that it makes on the mind.

It was upon return later in life that I was recorded as a savant, thus genius savant.  Read the following and find that as expected and required/recommended by the psychiatric field to properly record the first findings it is important to test again. This is to not just qualify a score or quantify said score but rather to find what that score indeed did advance through life and experience thereof.  As many do not understand the word savant nor what a savant actually is I am providing to the public as what is now considered acceptable as a proper modern day reference panel.  In this fragment of an education for whom may be ready for greater clarity 'Savant syndrome' has absolutely nothing to do with my life and never has at any point during my life. This point of clarity is now in need of being said as the confusion is greater for whom has not been through the entire process of what my life did and now entails.


nounplural savants 
 [sa-vahntssav-uh nts; French sa-vahn](Show IPA)
a person of profound or extensive learning; learned scholar.
Origin of savant
1710-20; French: man of learning, scholar, old present participle of savoirto know ≪ Latin sapere to be wise; see sapient Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2016.
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Examples from the Web for savant
Contemporary Examples
Historical Examples
  • Thus, with the selfishness of an epicure and the tastes of a savanthesurrounded himself with the most luxurious elegance.
    Mabel's Mistake Ann S. Stephens 
  • No savant now denies the transmittable taint of insanity and consumption.
    Mizora: A Prophecy Mary E. Bradley 
  • Thus, perhaps, we may name ten poet-gamesters to one savant orphilosopher who deserved the title or infamy.
  • Here the savant seeing a hobby-horse near, caught him and jumped on.
    White Lies Charles Reade 
  • In the evening the gentleman, being a savantgoes to the Wister Society,and afterwards plays a snug rubber at a neighbour's.
  • This persistency had struck the savantand he asked a mutual friend tointroduce him.
    My Double Life Sarah Bernhardt 
  • I am only too glad to please and gratify the student and the savant.
    Remarks Bill Nye 
British Dictionary definitions for savant


/ˈsævənt; French savɑ̃/

a man of great learning; sage
Derived Forms
savante, noun:feminine
Word Origin
C18: from French, from savoir to know, from Latin sapere to be wise; seesapient
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Word Origin and History for savant
"one eminent for learning," 1719, from French savant "a learned man,"noun use of adjective savant "learned, knowing," former present participleof savoir "to know," from Vulgar Latin *saperefrom Latin sapere "be wise"(see sapient ).

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