Wednesday, August 24, 2016

OH For The Time Be Cent!!!!

Sing a rage to the safe at the combo of the sky to the land agriculture of grounds,
in the said to the language of the Times in Ages sing with this angle to square,
say that the words will become to your slide of blink to the lid and spoke,
wheel with the carriage of self!!!

Answer true to compass Hero its your Wealth as Society will only Rape and Tide,
the charts of Humanity on Mankind look to the Imagine on the Futures as what shall Waltz,
the Universe to The Milky Way,
oh what a drive to touch a Star in the Suns,
moons grace with envelope of invite,
introduction deck Aid to the roads for in the forest its The Grove!!

I'll 'Merry' the world with a wonder of just I,
in that the width of love to the this line,
why 'The Force' in self explanatory for the Wars of I stored,
make keen to labor treasure Cliff Notes to wise,
treat the beet as the cork in a garden of predisposed to explain the Telephone.

Great are the Ports to traveling the dimensions far on the Cry,
list.Ten to silent once quiet prose,
now it the Secret of the Watts to the gift of present and Runners to lighthouse this Bay,
for in the chorus the meet of the verse is those books of chapter bringing more than a slight,
remember the Feat!!!

Chime in the Wind,
a hand for the sand,
the waves to gently place the beach is a foot to write this ready loud,
The Watch on this Earth,
plan it a girth.

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