Sunday, August 21, 2016

Religion Gave The Human Core eh Tack^Om^Mudder/Tack^A^Meet^dure/Tack^Alm^Met^Ur or True And Class^Sick Tachometer That Audience Drinks While Outing The Pew^Tour As Well As Close^Sing The Closet Too Remain Ruff A^Reared In Edition???

An oi^stir clam too grit 'Y' dew ewe Wool,
whisk to Humans fleece,
maintaining Mountain flake to oh^shin the flex of snow,
a melt on Volcanic blow of rock to pebble,
the Creek in River!!

A clot of mud's dirt to Bog,
the lumber in a thought??

Wise is Creative design,
the avenue of oats as sway,
wheat in the stalk,
crops twine bale.lean a scene!!

Valley forge width Can.Yen grand??

Coy.Inn to Head browse of Hare,
turtle shall the rose bee thorn,
shell of prose touch.chin raise to goose,
the Vulture while ground.dead said,
those that dish as recipe,
say to language verbs and sod,
grass as blade knife silver Wares!!

Rise Sun,
Moons stair,
reflection gives,
grace be Nair??,
yes to yip the scream Means of an eagle nest at egg be kept!!!

Bare's to Trout,
fish and Scout,
trails beep with runners leap,
antelope in dialling land??,
the bounce of notes to see the plan,
music silent Wind does sing,
storms at gravity with bud.deed!!!

Bulb.bust wore to sync with sound,
growth came to as cough.fin dam,
who is not in balance grain of Hoover being grand at Planned!!,
waist watt.tour harness word,
lights harness bits to curd,
milk from cream the but Tour??,
yet shift of staff is depth off said dure!!

Heaving heft muscle strength of limb to branch at said.deed sand,
beach is for.head once a grip,
reach to bay the call to day??.

A Night while Hour marks the Cold,
is warmth to fined a coal of gold,
did medal answer ring to shirt a dollar for the pocket skirt??

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