Monday, August 22, 2016

Scrap Met^Dulls Match The Whirl^Lee Birds On Urn^Nest, The Feather Of Dove Totes Lie^Ike As^Set Of Hoover?? Must Be 'The Dam'!!!!

This Country the United States of America and Cellphones,
World War II the blanket of Hitler to that text of wristing you're Speak,
the people of such Means could have a real person standing in front of them,
at that should Witness say to said Proposal that the Scene went to the Ship,
the proposed would shimmy the search to the Internet,
on that the proposition would say "well the barkers said"??

Drive the blank beef to the cattle yards,
this is truly hister of snake to you're mirror of in-hand stun??,
dose the crook of split Tongue to Hames,
is the bridled of fax the face hold.ding bar the banded and shingle the full,
tribe of cellphone text.tore you've gossiped??,
you have done to this country a germ.many to awe.dee.oh on yo-yo!!!

The ankles that have no determination to the clarity have no desk for the Monitor of laptopped,
the work to walk or drive in a roads car is the nostril,
flare.ring is the popular gift to present sharps with the department of Tree.syn!!

Ad to that Prompt,
bye to real talks as discussion of converse,
the runners at the jog.errs of lives in the temple of screen.Ur to say what is Tiers to boss.Ton??

Previous to History the hiss of a trap on the snap of the rat has been in after noon,
now the clock is punch to these drinks of dialling the appropriate fallow to pi,
arithmetic to rifle the Magazine to stile,
repeated at the society that dumb.downs the go.ole??

Cheers to the mash.sheen of fleece.sing such duct,
that the lakes are oh.shins that know of the grape jam to straw.bury fields,
muck is the stall that people on whole raised the arm to the sell phone to prompt See??

While the crowd goes to bots all the path,
a pad for the tremble of the Cello at the Viola off sleeve,
gee.pea.sshh is the ink.leans bell to statute Whom does NOT do such schemes??

A cent of a spend on eyes on the road,
a stop sign is a three-second full count,
the miler markers are for the distant of the carriage from to bumper of driving on the free way,
hi way pa troll on what bridge is the communication cent of a pen.knee.why's Lent??

Musk be East.Stir to Avenue the National Media bored to Figure the dollar Coin to The Golden Gate Bridge,
or is it James Blunt on his next Hymn??

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