Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Flex^Shin Of A Hawk!!!!!

Aye here the Elephant boon,
a crane that makes the belts a measure to the lift of lives on the shores of cosmic store,
in that is the rule!!

Great to the export of globe on a shoe,
these shores of sand and grains,
salts to the oceans an the shift on width Times in Ages of more,
gift to Humanity Mankind!!

Stretch trust while portions prop.a.gate to the enth be greed??,
well in divide is arithmetic in art is tree,
a poet on the dimensional ceiling to describe such finds,
mark this special,
a grasp to the reach!!

Pass.sing Port,
production with a shirt filled windows,
shed of tool digs and noise,
people floor raw as gossip rips!!

Saddle Bridle bits of reins,
cross the universe on navigate bong,
inhale with plants to explore the freeze,
astronomy with the Stars quest bounce of the grid once a lawn of clove to pepper,

Trans.Fir in comprehend,
ole say in's that Hotel at cost price of life itself,
earth has skilled death from the albatross,
boiled brains eggs oil to pot the fathom of society in the marrow of thick and slide!!

Snow Capped Mountain valley lie,
bridge dirt whilst the muds bog a treasure trove,
lit with Greece,
blocks to canter the long lines!!!

Riding a Cause the Fountain of a friend that Guide,
grids came in at inch to death was the plastic in pronunciation,
explosive stick dye,
whistle swallowed the people laugh at I in these lessons,
prize fights giving chord lyrics to music a vomiting bark!!!!

Ring round the rose.see to Plunder a write to the outer Shelf,
galaxy clop to the clip.pit.tee fa.On,
switching to the rail Roads of ancients,
term beacons seas!!!

Computer Ages to Techno.logical Goods!!

Smiling to Grins,
drinks for the words on restriction of the mathematics on said,
antelope learn on the plains in a bounce,
crocodile counts!!!!

Snail on the slug to ship the trails of less.soar to Sphinx on magnitude,
listening on the fallow of from to the silent quiet,
what a core as the grave chars has hands.sum on vigil of the flame!!

Fire in the Shy makes for Person to be dawn,
a horizon on the Sun in my eyes jakes to the Deer,
what antlers to the Seasons of account to memory remind a planets Placard,
license counters to numbers so phew??,
deep vain breaks the Human Moral to just be of the coin in Dollar trills!!!!

Vista on the View!!

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