Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Row, Row, Row You're Boat!!!!!!

To day's date 9/6/2016 the time is 5:24 a.m. and the reason I get up when I am woken out of my sleep so early in the morning and don't bother anymore to try to go-back to sleep is that the East Coast i.e. New York City is waking-up to go to work?? No. It is that their News is better than our news, local time. And ABC, CBS, NBC at 7 a.m. West Coast Time that I have watched my entire life as the update on the country and what is going-on or happening that day seems to be like an Entertainment Show. I am not really into that type of News so I chose to go on a schedule that matches the 'Morning Joe' Host and Hostess as I like their candor of difference and change. In addition I am betting their married and that is why the balance is better to their show and not the obnoxiousness of all the other weird morning television. As I know that my immediate surroundings often have judged me and accused my every status as being on or under the influence as the bead to my ability to express myself, I am placing this to your tiers that I shed each day in order to be more on board and remove myself from gossip and negativity. As being born in a sanctuary city anytime the bells begin to mark prejudice or exits to particular people I know that worry begins.

This is to say to all the local authorities, should you wish to have constant live camera's in and around my house, car or person than I am more than willing to comply. Case closed.

Thank you for your attention to this very important emergence of broadcasting And I'll see you in the funnies:) for the global law is also a United States of America known; printed into the constitution and not as a code. A natural born citizen born in an sanctuary city during before or after a war that is doubled-backed to a conflict is protected under the (find-it-yourself) act to ensure their health, happiness and pursuit of freedom in a found as anywhere, place or reside that said citizen chose to in habit by day, night or journey of pose will be protected under the province of that navigational (look up degree of latitude longitude of San Francisco Proper) City as that say person will be considered to be in the middle/center of it for the entirety of their natural born existence. No joke and you know what??, there's more that I never speak on.