Thursday, September 29, 2016

The King Dumb Yet Tea Is The Price Of This Dandy!!!!!

Be why's dear american on the saw deed a ray be yaw cent,
for the price on human steep is not not the stream of a mountains framed,
as the hill beeps to a house as the President did speak,
the charm of that suit to ankle product as the body of all that did stall,
in that barn of Twin Towers the scene and our memories,
the harsh bit for the american to cork is this now sham pain??

Rinse that scope to a glass of Pope water as the freak ran to hymn,
swallow that journey and taste the vernacular trick,
as a whore to the street and a sheet to owe triple Kaye,
the dan knee dance is wiring your Mon.Knee belt!!!

Nine is a word to the Eleven on the Clock,
what is doom's day should the time make margins,
as statistic's go to your pocket book and life gets a dial,
in the Middle East the fact is that Traffic is a Keep.

Dark Matter to the Teeth a Grill on B.B.Q.,
an american with excitement to the Con.duh.Lee.SA pen,
that Tanker with the Owe.ill and float that steady Pi,
pissed or anger wrath will not bring envelope to key old.

Should you Fail and Stock Market to the Wall Street Fare Row,
than Keen will Shark a Mare Oh on Bloom Berg in the Freeze,
stank that steel and shield the pond no lake of forge,
for intelligent is gentle Men that tie the to width lens.

Might a Con drie Yaw the Harness on the Egg,
sky to cloud the womb in valve a defining ankles lunge,
lines to sentence verbs and sounds.

Grown be Stable to this Saddle at the Taller stand,
my father cork and mother fort to what is the perk to fee's,
just learn the branch and charge a dial Soap's at popcorn Meel's,
a fishing pact to tackle Spackle and make Sheetrock known to fudged penned.

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