Sunday, September 4, 2016

To Planks And To Board!!!!!!

Seemingly it would be believed that might have sped disappointment on the treasure to earth and the equator hems.  Gems on the diamond, a pearl of the ocean base at a muscle in the fine grit of sand is detail.  To negate the adventure for the learn would be to gasp at results and than lull in a depression of the comet's impact that gave life to a planet to just be on the ride.  

People don't say to the include that value is the bridge however that is the excitement of the journey and its lived.  From what is a particle to the very shore on the beach of an orca to the scratch of curiosity, it is reality.  Best of that is to witness as a Watcher, the smile to mountains that formulate from the universal magic of just present to the day and magnificence at nights thimble to shine a reflection of shade.  A grasp the view to be on the normal of mankind and its feed of negative to mark the religious ankles frustration to what is the onward of the mystery and that the dust is real, for that is the steeps??  The hour of a minute in a thread, a string to say method would best place things to hinged files recording residence without a doors wait to ripple grace.

Reef to mark a fossil in record for the grin at that the string of what is theory for this world on it's bound??  Church brings envelope and threatens for it's hell, yet telling people audience that Heaven has it's door. Strange that humanity is bell to such a fear rather than ringing more than sweating what is strained as natural fact to what is a raft to grain the oat to sway.  The wheat on demonstration does grace the lands display.  Wind does really gently explain to verse the sign.  As creeks do sprout from out of grounds and that mystery is solved, there is no question of the source for springs and wells are built or found to water more than thirsty people, irrigation of the crops and water for the homes to run it all inside makes houses for the skill.

Man has taken so much and placed nothing to its feather of ink from history.  People just read Plato and then said much to what philosophical science did offer on it's speaking over centuries in its draw.  To be positive is to realize that many people grow with more than what is kept by ancients and thus the happiness must know that going onward is the path?? No, it is natural in any event that the trip found dry wells with no water or no food, its called the desert on the bone of a cactus state to bring the foot to not quit rather in the adventure to be the best of nautical and change course.  Following what is going to be greater than the dry desert of humanity and what mankind has done to the individual, to say that Tesla would have left anything more is to say that he left note on the treasure of his life. He gave a story to the internet for I to read and his name to Wall Street futures for the car to give his own hand the wheel that geared an engine to understand the road.  In every special treat is Einstein on the relativity paper describing point of ports.  Dimensions include the understanding of proper prime control of comprehension past the roof of a skull.  Therefore this simple thought just lends to fact.  People go to many details to description of this earth on the drawing of what is a measure of an individual and the cost. 

So on that to have been fortunate to have had such an experience after completing and being involved in every deed in order to even be at tack is in fact, truth and discussion the most magnificent completion I have had a mission and no longer am I bound from nor by such chores to fact out a commerce of relation to been.  In this the freedom is not a frozen Zen to ki out the lock of composed by score in the fashion of address, rather the beautiful love of what is life on the fantastic love itself.

Now the Time on the better is to know of the map.  The constellation on the directions.  The happiness that employs my very being to have even attempted such a toil in the first place has delivered to I the growth of mind and the ability to say that I love life and every single belong to it, and, all of its variables on the mystery is I??  Life itself smiling with the show of more than handrough's and shovels gives berth to this plain a basic grounding to land a shore to grow more love of the smiling Suns, the impactful moons, planets that d├ęcor the galaxies and granite that shapes to math an elemental of maker's.  The basic tread of this written is to continue my awareness to the chains of people and their need for a link to bury in any subject  that goes to more than their ankle of shackling but actually in history have caused many to exit far sooner than life may have had invited as a state of being to stay the raised on said subject of chorus.  Humanity loves to skill depression as a wellness plan.  I prefer to know that there are many more subjects of study that remind myself that love is hugging education to those formal productions that other people in history left as a studious path to library an option.  The helm of any shipping new's that it is the clock that times the addition to what is the road to the dirt and why the mud is dried for the bogs in the deepest sod.

October 24th, 2016 at 8:28 am

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