Monday, September 26, 2016

What A Gnat Too Mi Is Act Chew Lead And A Thom Men Is As That Staged A State To Mind The Brain's Mat Tour Or Is It Mad In At Price Cost Nerd????

A chevron on the Tube in the training of a list to that ticket on the Market's lined,
as the masque parade of raised to plate a license is the will be score to pulse a hearth at viewed,
panic white's strike on the black teak of a pair.wrought of treed to creek??,
nigh the minute of a rise on rice in the daisy of a wheat to swayed,
now on the hour of cross walk at zone,
range the cattle to open bones!!

Skate the Ice as the Glacier spelled to slide a negative to positive Friend,
an Ocean on the lean of life is in which grace of posture's Lace,
is the Tide of 8 Chart to Sand,
shall the shoe know sand to grit and ran,
is the pearl of a muscles' band,
does not the rock speak pebble as the skip on a river to bends??

The Cactus thorn touching the Spine.knee reality,
as in Arizona the lesson gave lizard a Frog to haste,
compound W was a bacterial base??,
it said on the knuckle of my brothers lettered!!

A Camp^foe^fah^knee^eek is what to Chapstick's that Ole Soy of beans that Picked,
skiing the Mountain to sue.see??,
does not not the flame at the Greek of creed fire the every for for Years of sleeved,
told that Olympic's is wise to the reed,
as the buffering gets to fry Sun or is the lo^Shunned grasp setting the horror eyes Syn.
that under sleigh^eight to read would making what of the shaft??

Rio dee jah Nair row what is that to the in You element,
is the periodical a value to giant Pier E! Odd Ick Ore as the earthly plan IT,
technological fined to drill a beak for the road runners car as a Toon off sake??

String on the laces is how is the Tip making Nike just do it Swoosh,
a round to that is the lo goes manage,
in depth of the Pools is the Conversation a chorus to Windows??

There buy it is Fall on the Seasons of the Forth,
winter is spring and the Autumn is leaves,
change of the colors as the beauty in the State's,
just on this is the eh a bee on in be Sea's??

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