Saturday, October 1, 2016

And I Am Not Able To Get Funding For A Singular Thought??

What is a Meteor than a Pyramid laying Way,
that prism of a Thought to what reality and Lot,
is that basic of write so complicated that the In struct is a dial to the Lights??

What are those fathoms that make said in a Wall,
the chisel of the great and grand canyon of the Fall,
Autumn for Politics,
leaves for the what,
colors of the rainbows that finally a true compass is not pandora??

Shall the Template of my computer be bound for outer space,
that Internet be Cable raised to what is on the dock Tour roared,
than that pier of just a deed,
the blunt that pot does read,
ship to shore the ocean doors more than what that product can system in a scored!!!!!!

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