Thursday, October 6, 2016

Positive Attitude Is More To The Grand Hall A Days Of The Echoing Of The New See's Candy Canes And Pounds!!!!!!

To the bubble-Up that people so regard,
it is the day of thunder on such lighting,
as that is expected from a deck such as I,
I will bravo this product to the best of what is long,
touching the matter of text to ask a bring,
what is reality should the field run to bland??

The british of a an english find as that is lyrics ring,
wet the appetite and ample for the sand,
as print is lots of bright to Internet and land,
than keeping up a good ole chin is just the bit at hand!!

Great to expectation fantastic to the sign,
as where is a raise than in the fact that I was born for Thor,
it is this bring of envelope to broke the sealed form,
to fast a diet of such bell that decision is to feel.

It is the words that say to draw an etch of how is why,
a feather in the cap and a reason to said mulch,
to muck the stall once a day is to water too,
for the horse in a barn is afternoon of trust??

The deal of a corn in the feed of oats and grain,
it is hot to alfalfa baled not grass hay of a pailed,
ride to desk and ground a foot the stirrup speaks a bridle,
as when the rein does break the leather is revealed.

Not that people no the equestrian or Trials,
three-day events the roads and tracks are training for a steel,
as iron makes for strength and copper goes to rollers,
relax and list that biscuit to the tea and christmas tree.

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