Monday, October 10, 2016

Wright Wheeling

Funny as the language goes to know the special treats at spacial recognition based,
in that it is the literal to what is on the once a dance,
the days of technology have vista to the view of why the conversation now,
to tread such layered defective dial is to say the caveman trial.

In that is inch to foot steep land,
as climb the bare in to even thought,
as what is the hand of palm to sand,
a digit bang to tablet tong in salad courts of tossing??,
these bean of rays to sunlight sets that beach where walks be reined a meet,
gone are lanes to avenue more now it goes a shoe.

Treasure of this Planet Earth of ground,
the sing of lyrics ankle town to just be on the fathom,
yet in that is the lesson Plato of how Times change to charge the keep,
to value measure to future song as that grand and best of swan is goose to geese and moose!!

Travel bells with knowing lens,
each wonder of this earth of lends,
a met to say how are you friend,
came with decks that ripped the spin to spiral on an echoing of Osiris gone.

The four corners earth to equator North a Viking storied with a chortle,
good ole king delt the sought to what is foot to infinite knot,
that cosmic galaxy Milky Way how I value what you played,
the music of a thousand tears filled the ocean of this steered to know that shipping stayed the course,
in this it is the gentle wave to simply know that redwoods grew to what is more than absolute,
for birch do also speak of leeks and that big Tide is all so neat. 

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