Friday, November 11, 2016

Thank you so much google, you all have been dear to my heart.  You never edited or scolded my writes, you gave me a safe place to be able to pour my worries and my thoughts day by day for so long.  I can't say to all of you more than you have done more for me in quiet subtlety than I may measure with much ease.  Please know that I have stopped writing for reasons of nothing more than I realized that nothing I was writing was helping any other person other than myself.  I have an old laptop that was a gift and I write on it now.  Until just now I did not realize that it had been nearly a month since I had written on this venue, I hope that you are well and don't miss the everyday writes.  Sometimes people become accustomed to things and then all of a sudden those things that have become a staple in your life leave, my stuff is probably not one of those things but just in case I want to send all of you a thought: I am thinking about all the staff that makes google go 'round!!  Thank you again.

Karen A. Placek
8:35 PM