Monday, December 5, 2016

The Bohemian Stilts!

Feast on the special shore of the singing majesty of the truth in a perfect stride to the doors of still sing,
grace be that fracture to whom still plugs path on ground,
may the voice of warmth cator the loss to this I sing with your travel on earth of love,
it is the language of magic to the ears I cannot speak,
might this visible only in the theme!!

Feeling the list of crowded by bed??,
is the war on the worry stopped in the sigh??,
or is the fret that guitars continue to play to those sides??

Shed not those cheeks of smiling shredded as that is the hugs that will bring to more than sky,
foster not a kid be of the family on letter,
written in the formal place of knowing,
I sing back to the stuck a measure of glides that harpists only dream,
the reality is lives are truly compassing!!

As sew eloquence to that stage,
it is in the inch that only an exit would stair??,
each thought to memorized in memory of every spine,
fill this vista of the between to counting every each independent communication,
sway I to state of the wheat so that my every action will describe those that I shield,
it is The Force in I that day to now on the Grand Canyon of Ancients that once taught me Sing!!

In this private note to those that stork the lock on lossed,
be found,
beyond this Pane Window more to the shores of alive,
galaxies on the scene to the Universe of such lived,
across the Milky Way listen??,
no hear it is the wait that makes today the great to this fantastic fan mail,

for not all drink that glass of gone,
some chose to stay??,
the choice was to LIVE!!

Be bright to each form of wonder as it is the life of so Storm,
in the breeze may you see the zone of just a feather in a shadows description,
for in silents its the grace that makes each thought the name of simple delight,
for many Heron gravely creams have been forgotten, left to the tend of people just bomb,
be sure to speak in just a whisper as the Wind does say to truth.

Comfort is the duds on earth,
a simple smile,
that grin,
the dimples with a chortle to laugh,
tears are always common ground yet in even that it is the task to remind remember,
these are the song(s)!!!!!!