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And As You Sit There Making Daisy Chains And I Throw In A Hand That I Deal For You!!!

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jbfan132 Posted 2 days ago @ 04:47
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7th track on the album 'The Afterlove', co-written by James, John McDaid and Ed Sheeran. To be released on Friday, March 3rd according to James' post on Facebook:
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Trinity Posted 2 days ago @ 06:41
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Sounding sweet!

jbfan132 Posted 2 days ago @ 08:43
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bpi music @bpi_music 2 March 2017
@JamesBlunt is releasing another cut from his album 'The Afterlove' called 'Make Me Better'!
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kejy Posted 2 days ago @ 23:35
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That's what I call a love song! Smile
I'm happy to hear James being that happy... Hehe
Listen to the song on Spotify:

Diana75 Posted 2 days ago @ 23:54
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Another lovely song. Smile I would say, that's LOVE!!BigGrin really, really sweet! I love happy lyrics.
Can't wait to hear more from the album!! ..maybe a little bit more upbeat??BigGrin

bella1977 Posted Yesterday @ 05:22
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Or watch it performed live on you tube
Ahhhhh so sweet and simple
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Trinity Posted Yesterday @ 05:26
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OOOooooo! I hear a bit of Ed Sheeran's influence in that song.
Sweet lyrics, nice melody... amazing.

hoppie Posted Yesterday @ 06:58
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Listening to make me better,w00t
on Alexa my new device from Amazon.w00t
It's brilliant.Hehe

jbfan132 Posted Yesterday @ 07:46
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kejy (03/03/2017)
That's what I call a love song! Smile
I'm happy to hear James being that happy... Hehe
I second that. Wow! Kiss
James being blunt on Twitter... Tongue
Fed up of @edsheeran in your feed? Here's a new song of mine to listen to instead. Oh... I wrote it with Ed.

minish Posted Yesterday @ 10:08
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Loved Make me Better.

jamieblunt Posted Yesterday @ 11:16
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Magnificent love song... so thrilled to see James this happy !
What a sweetheart Satisfied
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jbfan132 Posted Yesterday @ 18:20
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Make Me Better

You made me breakfast every morning
You made me sleep all through the night
You made me worry without any warning
Let me just lie here, drown in your eyes, dear

You made me sorry this wasn't always
You made me hungry for your body, babe
You made me run down hospital hallways
You gave me life, dear, and he's got your eyes

I waited so long
Baby, I did you wrongs
Make up for the time we've wasted
You would wait by the phone
Every time I was gone
But all along

You are everything
I have never been
I want you to make me better
And I've been wondering
Why you let me in
I want you to make me better

You made me stop and savor the moment
You made me laugh out loud, you do
You give me memories like time is frozen
You gave me a child and he's got your smile

And I sang a song
Every night I was gone
About all the dreams I'm chasing
And I have been wrong
With the things that I've done
'Cause all along

You are everything
I have never been
I want you to make me better
And I've been wondering
Why you let me in
I want you to make me better

Although that I've never read your mind
I figured it out on my own
I am so glad that I caught you in time
Before I am left all alone, alone

You are everything
I have never been
I want you to make me better
So please, my darling
Take this wedding ring
I want you to make me better
And I've been wondering
Why you ever let me in
I want you to make me better
I want you to make me better
I want you to make me better

The Secret of the Universe is...
Posted Today @ 04:35
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edited as in good manners it is proper to say in fact, I am very sorry as your song is horribly painful, however remember that you have a kid with a great formula to be more than just there as in America autism has had a grip in manners upon Families that have just made kids check-out, hence my frustration with my mothers life work on said subject being subject to International submission without the reason for such being done as this is an on-going problem because people like you just write songs never reading the truth as more then just articles.

Be more then just another person that goes through life with a stiff upper lip doing the right thing, just know that as coming from me, a person that has been first person in to much of these type of messed up situations, a certificate and a man, a birth and that feel sorry for him as his gut is in his hand makes evident this story as relevant. Long before the guy on my birth certificate told me that he thought that out of all the choices of Father Types that he was the best choice there was lots of looks and so much more than that, this was difficult growing-up and that is just fact. The conversation of he is the best choice' did make me laugh as I was an adult when all the stories piled on me by my siblings became the conversation I finally had with the man on my birth certificate, however the real truth of the matter was that he was or had been so worried that I was my step-fathers child. After our conversation and his math that he had done after my mother by-proxy had provided him with a photograph of my younger sister which horrified him so badly as we look so much alike and absolutely nothing like his side of the family and after he had gone and shown this picture all around bragging it was me it impacted me in this manner of such pain from him I am not sharing I am putting to your sight a truth, the pain, the some of this kind of trouble as your situation has not a voice to speak these chores yet. So there he was just as proud as can be and all the switching about, packing-up, funeral expenses, all his side of the family together celebrating his mother and her life, all the birth questions of my origin buried so long ago as there family had decided to hold my grandmothers death from me by not telling me she had even died came in horror, for as he showed that picture he held it up and on the back was not my name and this was after he explained himself on the phone to me as running all over the place telling everybody that this picture, the picture he found in his mothers room was me and wasn't that wonderful and then he said he almost fell to the floor as he cried to shivering the name, it was my younger sister, he recognized not only the last name but my mothers handwriting showing date of birth and it was that that really stressed him on that day. As he continued speaking and I listened I realized that that had been his actual worry and as he realized that that worry had been for longer than he imagined the words worked themselves out naturally without spite, without hatred just the reservation finally resolved. Really the gloating that he did as he was more than just proud of the fact that my little sisters father was not my father, he said this again and again, he said as he was nearly in tears, voice choking back words, that what he had had horror over that day was that this can't be happening to him again, he can't be losing his little girl again to this insanity and at the relief of just knowing I was not the child of the man that took his place made it all better, this was while stating I know you are not biologically mine but I love you as you are. These stories are not few in my life and compassion is my path as the pain of his speak spoke volumes and not just to him.

So in the now and as that is really the only thing that is important, people need to stop the lie.

I just read the lyrics to your song 'Make Me Better' and I am so sorry as it looks as if you have known or found out that the kid you had with your registered wife on the Internet Sofia Wellesley has had a baby and it is not yours. That is so sad for you however it explains your Afterlove title and Tour so clearly.

I hope things get better for you as you have spoken of late all about the reason for Boys Bands and how rich you are in that adjective of factual aspect. Best of reason for your new lie as groupie's always make you boys better, at least that is what you all brag about on the rag.

As I do care for your well-being of mind Blunt I will make you better with the comprehension of your wife Sofia Wellesley as she is a lesbian. Her partner husband the girl on that boat where your wife Sofia Wellesley stripped and the paparazzi snapped the pictures while at the same time was filming says it all to any full blooded American born in the City of San Francisco. Throughout many known lesbian problems is the legal registry i.e. marriage to bury facts? Well actually it is a bit sicker than all that as what they need is a man that will appear to be something while the lesbian and pair in the actual have dug to the plan. Therefore you get swindled as many men have been and the baby belongs to the triple pack that has already planned the divorce from you to raise the child with your name knowing that your visit or the kids visit to you will never be of discomfort or argument as it is not your kid in the first place, which by-proxy takes away all ill feelings or jealousy that the child may be in the arms of another woman that you may indeed or perhaps find and partner with or even marry, very British in tone. The aspect of your adjective should not be found wanting as you come from a country of stiff-upper lip, the children go to boarding school instead of being raised in family and that alone should have raised your red flag as you both are in or were in the International venue of more traveling abroad than most and thereby opening you and her up to the fact of separation due to Concerts, Tours and the a typical shores. In America this act of lesbian to straight man has been in long practice as being lesbian is still not acceptable however after any divorce to take-up with a girlfriend to lighten the load put on her from you is not only quite common but readily accepted by society at-large. Plus society never thinks to the thought that now two women under the same roof happy as clams are in a relationship raising a child that they had planned together prior to event of marriage,conception, divorce and are doing it very happily as a common practice and in fact people for the most part that have no idea just give them great support, curse you, and, that is the way it is, always has been and will continue to be because to date nobody can prove any different until the child becomes such an age where it becomes obvious they don't look at all like the father listed. At this juncture the two women will fall off the radar and that is that as I have witnessed many times in the City growing-up, i.e. they usually move back to their hometowns and explain the horrible city, it's transgressions while becoming good Christians and upstanding citizens. The rest of that explanation is obvious as the child is now under the protection of the New Town and all else is kept from them for the remainder of their lives unless they get that gut feeling early on as you have most obviously expressed thoroughly through the lyrics to this song just released 'Make Me Better'. The gut usually says things before the reality of and just 'kenning', writing and/or singing allows the unsaid to be seen without the trauma as the delivery is its berth, and sadly what is said in person as I have heard in first person men saying they don't look like their side of the family usually expressed while looking at those photo albums, very big tell. I hope that this small and simple explanation to what has happened to you and where you seemed to have missed that your wife Sophia showed to the World that she was a lesbian and this was her plan has helped and or been that 'Make Me Better' song more of a medley to show you that you just missed all the signs because you were on the bow of the boat on a phone. Should you just watch the one video clip or take another look at the photographs that were all over the place you would see that your wife Sophia Wellesley pulled more than the wool over your eyes, she used you and she and her girlfriend knew it and were doing it as the photographs are self-evident. Be grateful that it was caught on-tape as many men are tortured by this and are never able to prove-it as the women just say quote "She is just my friend and she is helping me raise YOUR CHILD" as I have heard that screamed by many women to their men in parks and other public places, I guess it is done as witness to either embarrass the man or to show or the air the facts before they leave to ........I am sure at this point it's just a matter of fill in the blank!! I feel bad for you but remember this is common practice here in America and now you know that it is really common practice everywhere in the World it's just now those that practice it are caught red-handed as I was brought up in the City that did understand more the rumor and taught more than come.


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read more at go to the bottom of that page and hit 'CONTINUE TO FORUM' to explore the facts? All that is is a venue of the for agreements making public notice a venue from and To. Sadly that is not the best of growth as in reality it's the pictures all over the internet that says the problem is worse then the salute!!