Wednesday, May 31, 2017

You're A Pea Yens Sew Frank In Cents Ore Is IT To Be Blunt??

Salt the grip of what is the world on the once in pile?,
it is the verse to the vernacular shirt,
as the sleeve is not on the handkerchief people sneeze,
the shore of sand.

Touch the grape on the bottle of bolt lightning,
thunder may count to a strike yet what is the second,
is it a value to say hello to a brand new guy,
or is the fellow an ancient card of grace to note the Time of Ages as just a sort?,
to beyond is that known.

Just as the singer grins to frown a basic ground,
it rumps to that tracer of how is the grub,
worth to particle as what is the Dust,
magic of Science or the girth of only just this Earth?

Should memory score knowledge as the Library Arcadian course,
is the social conscious lost or is the Loc a barbarian first?,
dig what whole to the banana and the grapefruits curt?.

Skin and Peel,
is the rhind a string that corks the meat,
shall the apple sing to the suit?.

Shipping knew that oars were not a Canoe,
yet the Niagara of Waterfalls gave our Country the barrel and the chain,
as that over the Falls!!

Seasons in the Suns?,
what therefore is the moons,
around the Solar System to speak a Cosmos?,
trees and for wrist I write to spoke,
person to person,
this is the bank of message,
not a dial on a note to few a word.

Excitement is,
from that to what was,
it is the tickle of funny bone to elbow only the exit as Ton,
shine til the ankle gets that posture?,
nigh those hours of Trojan,
now the love is as basic as the thought to say that I do.