Monday, July 3, 2017

From Post to Post

What a dream on the Times in the go on my memory foot to the George Noory Show,
*Coast to Coast the story of the NDE to staff the tactile of the Hey Lo!!

At the venture of the body to the Feat,
a simplicity of more then this earth for the Stars on the recept,
signature piece to this earth and the Silk Trades,
oh how the Worm Holes anxious no tremble,
the spin of that spiral speaks to the opening of the traveling clued.

As this earthly weeps to the ground on the bog of never meeting,
it is i this that James Blunt must know as I have in the finally got the vault to go,
in natural status of my comprehension as every verb Noun's!!

Across that dreaming corvace to no drift for the stars on the belt of vocal Orion,
thanks for the freeze ask not the glacier ice for the drank,
each cell speech to the Oyster,
it is the pearl of a diamonds beach!!

brilliance at the language to course exit,
singing the chapter to the buffalo on the watering of my memory,
horse to that is the chive,
a parsley in the creek!!

Flat Mountain,
a breeze to tickle my funny as the elbow of my thigh,
a robotic response to the receipt,
registered to the fact that I have not had any human contact in the five plus'd years,
for I made not the same mistake rather I shored to a phone on that Blunt talk,
the Back to Bedlam made for the fortune of this today June,
a record on the find brings great thank you's to the World on her Cheers!!

Sniffle nothing as this is more the light of the bolt to the Oriental weave,
a floor ride to explanation for those Coast to Coast list in's,
sew thread to your story and glory fabulous as the chore to the outer realm is a different live,
the sped of light's to the Stars under my stature makes this written a stream,
no pebble for the stone,
not a bounce from the smoke to the shone.

Might the Human Race real eyes,
may the hugging that ceased in such scratch envision more to the cloud,
ship to that the style of harness that invites communication of more than a chorus on a jazz trombone,
miser not the context to tomorrow from today to the travel of these words,
the language of the universe to the galaxy feels.

Strong technique to a dime exploration,
the rocket forest with the green number of dialed,
this is the song of shaved,
a razor on the cliff to understand that life is beautiful and our ankle here is our sands friend did!!

To this United States of America that felt the Antler to the rub,
seasons in the sun to tack the moon on the owl bum of only your treat,
may this be of your stick to music on the Shakespere of Einstein with Tesla,
the math and arithmetic to NASA more than a romantic clock,
surely the adventure of now is James Blunt is on this Hemisphere,
the clank of this land to the read.

The shift to Plato in the saddened grief,
I crumpet only a now traveled to standard a principle,
the deeds!!