Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Carnie Or In Case Applicable, A Car Knack

Pain is a preview to the pier a mids lane of lots to tons on the calendar count.  A thumper on the hare is a minor rabbits foot to etch this glass stained.  Put to the shallows of Time the Ages have been on the rails of training for the prose of riders.  Said with a candor that frame is of a foot holds walk across a century or phew!!  Sigh with the sound of spread finds at that it is a Stars brights that lead locked blades to know that the March is oh but the time in the skin.  Can't stand the foil on a lakes sword to no forge, as that is the scene of flooding a pond to shade the tight verse.  Said brings a steady on the sleep with yawn, the known for the millennium advance to hub the futures as the prism of chanced.

There is no leadership or guiding light on earth in the cart of death by the religions that tote the stuck brushings of only Hells humanity on the Humans loan.  Than at that deck of dismal the skate reward is parked on the Heaven of the ski to Wares of enduring the crimes on the mind and the traces to the demons that made you forest your heart.  The excused for the formal signed context of Psalter hymnals have out to every fraction of debt to scratch the groovy with method rape and staff on the closed system of forgiveness.

In late the show of watch cleared the porch with a particular scene that invited my mind to part the parked purpose on a reality of spark.  As the eventual of all say that graveyards and fenced is the product armor of the lives lived and the collection of actions to the version of inaction, I crate the lift to a Moons scape.

Should comfort on the moral foot plates of license only steady the dive on concrete facial scars than does not the sense speak to silence those tears to dried checkers.  As the game belts the blows to being in isolation anyway, my life is a sole example of the experiences lug.  To than have built by practical interest a trough to soak the clay, is than the mortar becoming the substance to build a block or square?  For that must have been the fountains dream to a Pyramid on the sting.

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