Thursday, August 27, 2015

Acronym vs Abbreviation

I plum a particle of sync to thought of the word latitude in a north by south entry to the introduction of state of mind upon the expression of a log.  The cogs on horseshoes are in the fashion bore buy the purchase of the hand drawn forget to a suddenly score in and as the investment for the come on footing.  At the event or sloppy sides of mouth brisk to language a lather on the necks of shudder, it is or seems to now be the powder keg of lathe, the course, a skull, to brain, to lens, to talk.  Question, is it a speech?

The willingly force of the shred that persons of distinct character drive, scenes the ravaging of a corridor that main on Doyle Drive.  Per lane of sidewalk or pressure from the war on threads walks such formidable language to an ear that the ready your game for trouble by name is now as simple as stating noun.

For wheel drive on foot skaters to rise not above but quite possibly the opposite direction at the speed of only iced, I coarse this pigeon on the shade of knowing the fish living in trees.  Not such a grade performance of reality in the passing of pages to touch classic say, however the sees of todays ravage on the rapids of living safely put to my deed a smile to mile the inch of a starch.  Drip lines to factories placed to terminal lashes of round the fight to survive by reaming the counter of the very next cry must in terrible the chore of an everyday activity to the halting of sleeve.  So on the wash of this flooding Humanity to text the boundaries with avid bytes to shark your mid belly ride, I plight the bottle nose dolphin as a fair dee weather friend in and for the full.

Bring a base structure to a sign that is both comfortable and natural to understand as the streaming of a creek represents the posting thought running through the shape of a synapse polt.  As the sticker price for the cost at the at verb is tracing the tool of choice being the torque of communication consider the stick.  A floating lodge to keen courts held in the vista of only singular independence designing a flow of regard not the destructive storm of chaos at hip relief.

Cruise the Nature of hard tack to that rent on a chapter for the magnitude of a multiplied style on the theater.  The chorus line of ballet dancers casted the Swing to lull the by the way this is a game of reason to wisdom the timing of the know.  A stage that is dividing the parts to neither the cast of position nor the disruption of lives living tangles has simply put to the forward license a plate of docks to pier a ship that has been out to the Harbor of morning glories and has in addition faded the dump of dinner on pied.  Yet, and, the lazor of light speed to prints of tickets have mirror to tangible from the tunnel view of Billboards that shack the freeway of and on the Hi ways of life.  To have not place marked picture to cream is to have said the entire procession of shores in a carton happened with out milking a cow or being a pigs dream.

With patience as a loving the purchase of life as no the chase rather the ride, I have furthered the enjoyment of The Horse as a formation to mucking stalls regularly and not just on Sundays of the perch on the pew.

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