Sunday, August 16, 2015

Like A Hoarse Race It Remains To Be The..............Driven!!

Ask the cursive on the Ancient Walls of China to the Island of Greece, does the Inscriptions of Egyptians mean that decisive maps are Star held?  In the inch to that Feat of measure by Rule is a balance in the treasure of the archaic, collectible, antique, olds, alder or the elder of the Trees such as the Redwood Forest.  Once upon a story that told of a song in thus the egg or the tea drop stoop.  A porch of view to announce the Horse would ride to the storm by path of the still.

In advertisement daily to the free-write of writ a level playing field without the use of a plow will provide a gain to whom would in deed reply with a simple type of reason.  Comprehension of the mind at work in a world of death that aims to glorify the act for a stale action of desk.

Guard to a pen in the pastures of children, the kid and the a dolt has brought to the forefront an understanding that not only do words hold respond but the very letter is a chorus of revere!!  Tangled not with a comb nor a brush is the creek flowing from the rein of a natural mountain speaking to the valleys a the why is the cliff so steep with volcanic themes.

True to tour a composition of Mother Nature explains in a manner that grass is the flavor of rice in a bearing of the wheat gone strongs.  Too hand pick the instrument as the clouds gather water the waist has attached the waltz of a kong.  Negating the obvious as any can define it is the Ages ore The Times that have multiplied a correct preview to dividing no person, but, rather joining the humanity that this missing piece has put riddle to poetry for the rhythm tastes of drummed.

In Arcadia, a Constellation, within the brain that the shoulder places the responsibility of knowing, it is the acceptance of the palm.

Shall the beaches sand speak in each grain of the waves curl would that enhance the roar or bring a spring dance to the rocks upon the shored.  Parking lots to riding horses the saddle is not the bridle to these bits and products.  A stirrup to the length of a contacted sport is the ayes that provide to more in order for the growth of mankind in a tumultuous time of abbreviations corking the App. as an acceptable communication to broadwave.

Radio on the Tuner of voice in the box is a great skill to light the mind with specifics on subject, and not to have to be distracted by the dress or the raise of a paint store proviso.  A deep and lo calendar to Opera of ballets increasing the formula to engage the avenue of peoples brain.  In with the conversation and out with the bullshit or a combination of both will or would be more easily identified as any can listen should they chose to use the patience of the conch.

Echo stork to chaos in branch a bed limb with a serious answer to the zoos.  Greed has tabled a production to barter the lives with photo graphic ill's.  Homeward bind with Print newspapers, a Magazine behaved to warnings on the Front Covers.  Grocery check-out the attitude of candy bar distracted the young as the taller balanced strings.

Payment to the register throughout these branches has Treed the apple, peeled the orange and left the customer as a consumer.  Borrow over to Life Magazine as the LOOK! of a train, is the shocking raw footage bring candor or sting?


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