Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Beef

Start the games on Ore and Earth will roar to the Singers on a Feat,
in the Times of Math a Mat ticks a Bleed will Cart to the Horse in On,
ride with the Reason wisdom to Knowledge,
compassion on difference is the longevity of eternal foundational sterns!!

A dab of Ink to tack the Instruction is Owe but the charge of the Bull framed Stock,
as the Cows are not Sheep and the Ewe is nigh buttress Is it then The Year of a Tagged!!

Air oh existence this Human be laned eclectic Language in the silenced of the rans,
tunnel on the vista A harness`d bits Collection,
the Haunch of the Impulsion to the Pea off a scrammed!!

In with the Windows eyes blinking not shed,
making Provisions to touch the equal Breast,
the Collar of Priest is Catch twelve,
yet on the Third Stride is the bounce but a 'Y'?

Does one 'fly' the Coup or measure the distance,
is Cross-country the Roads & Tracks of the Sidewalks to Cruise,
could the Movie gone Homer be a ground to Saddle or is the bridle but the Bit of a curb.

Chains on the leather Straps form the Wisp does Hey stock Just love or Music in lived,
shell the Guitar to a pickings Groan friend gain inch that Value and puke barf the stem,
yet for the Sake of kindness and less The Honest the Truth and the Next big bad best,
to girth of the Stubble the quality of ride Markers for flaggers and Tree Sun is blad. 

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