Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Staff^Ord^Shire Or Staff Ford Sure?? What Is Punting??

(a) query the Road^day^Owe to the bam,
than to the (b) times on the move ease,
(c) speak in those subliminal advertise Meants,
than on the (d) Producer the film & a Thee ate Tour!!

Done on (e) the drink,
ice for (f) clink of the Paper jars,
(g) those Popcorn butters Owe^ill,
stick Key (h) Floor ride Via eye lens!!

On Won Hand the Cards Shuffle board to the Present day luft,
as the roof to the Seal lean is of More's,
its those Mow dumbs that Sat a light Remote,
On thorough to the Turn Nur broad Casting System,
is the Radio blinking to the Blind??

Travel lean the Silver streak to Be lane,
is Rod knee Mi kin the Came bridge to Hare Oh's British School,
the cools on the brisk to Chap len the glasses??,
than the Pond is a Pud ding and that is a Swing.

The sound of the rise In sun on the Cal. a burr Education steam,
is Opera the optical for the Gum and that strain,
does the Ignition mono Tone to the distance Mow bee as that is a Whale of black Beer in Real,
that Bushwood Hall as the Home of the laugh explaining a Moat to the tale of Story.