Thursday, January 28, 2016


Actual the Deck land of the Choir in on the these Lyrics of the remind,
look to the Stars??,
night the time for such stew^Ped industry that Theaters the Trend^dure done.

The script of Practice touching the Written as the Thought of struggle to the Screen??,
hour on that is the Trailer??,
the roll of the Film??,
a seat at the Fit??,
rated by the Lands end??,
a product of School on Bowel lie??,
the tread to that Concrete bare^E!^errrrrrrr that those Actors love to both Complain and sup^Per per Hand,
it is the meals on the Run??,
the talks of get real??,
the waltz to the Dance shop as the Cough in of Sweater worth Wools a sheep in Pasture now??.

Tride & True lives while on the Hoof,
wow what an Odd at teeth to the removed slot^tour Houses known Beet,
that cute tuck away or is the Cents that adds to the Shows??,
making the rounds like the blocks had a Call box to Key on the strides pour`N,
pitch to the Hook curr,
a Line for the sync curr,
what is that eye to eye cork curr,
the bat Tin ayes??,
the wriggle of that bravado of the thermal under sighs??,
owe for the Wealth of Directors and the capability to Know that the clips are on the bottom of the . . . . 
well thats for the Finished production of the best hidden secret,
those Men that knew sound Effects made Music for mi,
the boots on the radio to the sudtle shy's that make life a great & Tremendous mend for the bond!!

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