Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jaw^Know Spell Lean K^Eh^T^Len By Sound Dean Out The Bet Tour Scene.

Hi Men holds the Made In Name 'cause jaw^know found a lug??,
hub Board is a Hurl^e! And that makes Mind in Train,
to be of the Front toll Lobe is difficult to Tack with Roads & Tracks condition shun Kneeing,
so in that bit of cheek Key state the meant is to do Rice eh row knee!!,
smile true to be of Kind and speak the song of Good ole roo's to Pocket full of hops??,
no its being that strength to Bach's as any might would Len knee glass Ask shields Once a day!!

What is a Arrow plane to Sit Teas on those long lei^overs,
flow with charts and Jump Seats stout to tender memorized Chess to Stout??,
be that read dee and IM port Tent knows as the World is fall lean grit And prose,
language has had to sing every Ware the Pewter goes??,
the crews is a bump Pen to in Form the Fees of map Ping change to Earth the ring??,
a tell a Fawn Nicks to writing sand with Thunder light kneeing as a hand.

Stew heards Holmes and sure lock Show that men knee have a deep purr sprout ask to care Full now,
as the clock does Watch the ring what is a Band of Pigeon say to Cry key on the Ever bough of Weeping Will Owe Skeet??,
the grind of Coffee to early Call is of the System Mat tick Pull a stay to give a Path on rose to Tide,
the Oh shin May know in Find that the speech is being Lined to Push that very Next big Steep,
these are the Fact tears of these seats as Airplanes ought to mow be Oles feats.

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