Saturday, May 28, 2016


The Venue off the Sleeve for the word Hoe.Mow.Sex.Shoe.All,
as the definition Comp. of each Thread,
featuring the convenient Hoe.Gun to that What is a Sir.Caw??

The Crow burr.kneeing Black for the Catholic Stipulation for the Dove??,
than Hap.Pea is a Term of platform,
the Stack is of Owe.Pen to that Close.Sing of paid to invitation Deck as the Stage is of Score,
in.crease the stodgy smile with a quirk,
that change of in the brain for the sync,
to that is the hour of whom would say to what on the Y at the A.tent.Shin,
the days or the Mark.It to Futures of the Slip??

Skirt the subject on Bloomberg and move the Chess Piece Checkers,
the cab.bee on the bell.low is ankle tight and brae.deed,
to each is earn and that is bank a keen lead with a grip,
reach from the cost to sit.deed cold and sniff.fulls making Mon.knee. harps to string at the gut Human bot,
fiber on that is walk.keen Cross the for to Sect of cult to Fiction??

No for that is just the Swinger of a simply pleasure sheet,
put the Thiel on the Nail and suck until the Hose is Neet,
with ice on the rock.key cliff a Note to able Mind.did,
moving board to mow.were's that chop the clever crane.

Coal.lect on-call for the Trail of goats and all the Call.lure's,
join the rank of File.lean for pronunciation practice,
the mirror and elbows lyft.

Um.Mi lyrics than just build a bridge of Cards in House.syn,
the open Talk to shock was over on the steers,
San Francisco big surprise to hold your measure,
is roo.ole of tongue to language speil that creations not mop.Ping.

So.Oak the ribbon on the silk and use the lawn for Pimm.Pole,
the sip of stink to Skunks and bunch of lei.deed on the chorus,
write and R.Tick.Cull and shake the Seek??

Yield is the under.cover that makes the wording not lie.EAN,
to clique the cost with Mind at tossed is overboard to skiing,
so in order by design the sentence on the Pen.Knee,
ink at sku with Goods tattoo is Fantasy aye.Land.

Keys to Bet.Tour Success!!

1.) do not loose the subtle toss of the slight head bobble.
2.) do not loose smile in mid stride.
3.) do not say the bigger subject is not the dubbed at the table.
4.) do not stick interest to a View as oppose to subject appropriations.
5.) do not accent the up and down of voice without the hands signature piece.
6.) more is code should the use of the draw on seat.did drops the cause to in.tour clever.

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