Saturday, May 28, 2016

Knead Deep Or Is It The Dawn Of Aquarius Sung Buy The Be^Tolls??

To Rebecca of Sonny brook Farm,
Kathleen E! Wean.Knee of Friends that base the,
Johno that place of Movie Memory,
Lauren the Costner of know.Wing!!

Bring envelope to the desire to be of the chill,
for being In form May shin of let.tour is the secret of the ewe.knee.verse on Society at-large,
the strength of dance as the known,
swimming pools dinner with those wonderful strains!!

Remind your gentle lift of treasure to in gauge no fear,
that is the treble Cleft of blunt as small and fragment of what a loser cleared,
the name beneath the shirts on sleeves is to know the Australia,
a prison that keeps flys to state from the dead and barbi crates.

Shipping News goes to not survive for thats a to thermal glacier,
in steady grain to speaking vein be what is a Taller Pane to Pencils of keystroke plain,
the kinging version of James on feat is staggering to whats that trots,
dye a ree yaw for dye jest shin is the answer of his best chin.

Leftovers at Classic ilk as the let.tour.ring wrote on Milk,
sugar Cain with vain its just the more.role of the same!!

The smile on the grin of cheek is the Pandora of the neat,
stead.deed character no temper streak as that was blunt on Streakers cleat,
new.duh.tea to run away is the Opera of his stay,
running wad.tour to charge the chain with glue tipped leisure and drunk Vanity,
that is the Mirror of an Ancient Hymn,
Narcissist and All of Trim.

However the truth of Nana best to speak My Grandmother and your great Grandmothers Clan,
a stitch in Time saves more frets,
sew thread to know the ledge of Humanity as the cliff Notes gave the band a good write foot to walk the strand,
angry birds is Britain's Sieve selling more than ole sain't treed,
boats to can.knews the or's and paddles,
this is just the hinge of orals.

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