Saturday, May 14, 2016

Good Morning Sarah and Tamara,
everything is made to broke in like the leather of the skin of your bodily hides on family see crests,
the avenue of 815 Balboa San Francisco California 415-851-7853 or is that number a few digits off??,
just like the two of you are in business of the duh cipher traits of multiple skills on tremendous chores??,
to sync with what Tamara??,
those words in the dining room of 22-22nd Sarah??,
what was the common verse that included me not being here at all??,
what was it??,
it was all fine before I showed Up??,
it would be better for the Family Estate if I took a _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ my head off??

Does this AM radio tune to the Harpists by Same in that grain of Salt to pep_per those Memorized step cyst tours??,
did that grasp of kid goat this cent Tight with raising the Moonshine on your Vodka Cocaine common straw??,
sip or gulp??

Which Craft is the deep Miser on the coin in this message from aye to that threshold of cause,
the Horse or the denial of graduation??,
the City of Plates to the College of Wine and Crack in the bank 'cause that was you guise is dream^Means??

What is the deck of porch to that string of get tar to the Pluck of Men it on the thumper Rabbit Tam??,
is a Knee duh or that Hexol of added to Serial Milk Sarah??,
than the spawn of what phish will bring this envelope to Uncle Russ??,
word of mouth or the language of stride to say that its a write??

While the walk to the driveway Oak is on the sweeping paint jobs of just done,
is it the blackberry picking trips to know that Nana was funny and Papa loved his kid??,
a trail of bred crumbs Uncle Russ??,
is that Desta of Mary on the Texas deep choke that brings your phone call to dead weight,
the gravity of grasping the $80,000.00 dollars that you and your then Wife parked at the stop of Papa to go outside,
is it the fact to facing the things that you have collectively hidden from Pubs??,
or is the Ice in the drink that says so eloquently clink clink tinkle tinkle Swallow??

What favor of the spice on the Toe back owe makes sew duh a dining room chore,
the stop Sarah or that shock of the horror to see how those jeans traveled the floor a duh lands,
is it the British style of Invitation to Hare Row that Cambridge said "Oh Know" or was It Silents??
oh thats right it was the look in the real eyes I saw that deed on Hugh meek_kins facial Pale,
not the misses of the Yield to that Bale of a twine just like Tamara had a but in the sweater drawer,
or was it the Tool Bench Tam that you in Cysted on my life ears to those sheds of hammering??,
which is it this AM that makes the audio a Speaker on an Inches Mile to Trailer the film in my mind as Truth??

Don't tell that Tam went to Julliard and drooped the size of a senior's cock on the very first phone call to San Francisco from New York,
is it the jock Key??,
or the silk threads of nigh gowns to bath Robes with the Churches throws,
vomit or barf??
what say those compass core is us to the World on the chew tow back Co.??,
do you partner with Uncle Russ to drive the pay or travel the bloats??,
is it Papa at the Cobra Venom association of what you said Tam??,
is it that you knew what would happen should you return visit to 22-22nd Avenue??,
is it what those words more than implied on that stairwell with the drawing room on the scene??,
is it those drop lines that make what is going on right now the left hand swipe to read faster than I can stun??
all with the actions of what the bearings of kidnappings as a or is it in my life did to my brain on a single Uber suggestion??,
whomever decides to get into Uber or Lyft is insane as getting into a strangers car unidentified is what??,
an invitation to be driving down the road and when things go inappropriately the on-lookers do note,
oh look in silents,
a couple of people having an arugument hmm, wonder what their fighting about??,
or is it knowing that a Checker or Yellow Cab Company is free of that incite??,
or is it the Private Limo Companies that have license on the lettering on the back bumper that raises your Hare??,
or is it the fact that very few people even know the rules of basic tread??

Or is it just as simple as knowing its those big phat pink lips that Id's a seat to memory at bisque`d???,
yet I knew that the logos made a weird sorted filing,
must have been those move Ven. clips on the forge of whats a saddle without the girth,
going bare back.

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